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Gastroenterologist Prem Chattoo Encouraging Others To Donate Screenings


(New York, NY) – Colon Care Week, a movement led by Dr. Prem Chattoo dedicated to promoting year-round colon health, is being kicked off Monday, June 1st with Colon Care Day. Dr. Chattoo is encouraging gastroenterologists and colonoscopy companies to join him in making the procedure more approachable by donating free screenings and equipment on this day. Chattoo’s challenge will not only spread knowledge about proactive colon health but also celebrate the evolution of technology the gastroenterology field has seen in the last 46 years*.

Colon Care Day, which falls on the first of June to celebrate the anniversary of the first colonoscopy performed in the US*, will motivate people to learn more about the procedure and advancements that have been made. "Not enough people are getting screened, whether people are scared, think it’s too expensive, or just don’t know they should be getting checked out,” says Dr. Chattoo, who’s initiating the Colon Care Day Challenge. “I’m trying to draw attention to how far colonoscopies have come, and show they’re not scary or painful,” adds Dr. Chattoo.

Dr. Chattoo, who owns Hudson River Gastroenterology in New York and New Jersey, wants to inspire doctors and patients across the country with this weeklong event. Colon Care Day will do more than educate about colon screenings – it will inspire further innovation from the technology companies while showcasing the strides that have already been made, such as the ability for a tiny pill cam to be used for the procedure. Colon Care Week will motivate continuous advancements, and following Chattoo’s lead, will get gastroenterologists educating people about the importance of a healthy colon.




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