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Gold Remains A Safer Investment

Here’s a challenge: ask the financial experts of any country which currency is the best and the safest investment?


Gold will always be the answer, especially in times of crisis and inflationary pressure.

Along with being the best investment choice, it remains the most coveted element in the world. Any market expert will tell you that "any commodity that performs well in a time of crisis, will perform even better during days of economic clarity.”

Gold has been and always will be a safe haven for investors.

Osmar Guimarães, an economist with over 40 years in the market, explains that owning gold is essential for the investor who understands the market or is well advised. He goes further, suggesting that companies like DFRF Enterprises LLC may be the fastest way to financial success.

DFRF Enterprises LLC manages its own gold production, and currently pulls over 10 tons per month from its reserves in Africa. It also holds close to 60 mineral reserves in South America, which allows the company to operate without dependence on external resources. The company is an obvious leader in its sector.

Silvio Lettuce Neto, financial adviser and partner with the Socopa brokerage, says that in addition to issues related to the market, gold prices can be influenced by other factors. "Every holiday season the demand for jewelry increases and, therefore, demand for the product increases. Even something as simple as heavy rain over
extraction mines can cause the cost of gold to skyrocket,” he explains.

In other words, gold equals security in a volatile market. While owning gold is clearly a smart investment, owning and trading gold on the stock exchange does involve some complexity. To do so properly it is necessary to have a working knowledge of the market. This is why investment in a company like DFRF Enterprises could be a safer answer.

 "When a customer buys gold through a broker on the stock exchange, there are few guarantees. When a customer invests in a company like DFRF Enterprises, they have the peace of mind of knowing that their investment is 100% guaranteed. Not losing money is the key," said Guimarães in an interview with DFRF Street Journal. "It is a safer choice for the investor," said the economist.

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