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3D Printing Materials that Cure with Light and Remain Water Soluble

Bucktown Polymers' water soluble Rinse Out 3D printing Resin (ROR) could replace lost wax casting.


Scientists at Bucktown Polymers have developed a new type of 3D printing material that cures rapidly when exposed to light yet remains water soluble after curing.

The materials have interesting uses in additive manufacturing and casting since they change from a liquid into a solid using only light to act as a temporary support for other materials or as a pattern for casting. The post-cure water soluble support material or pattern is quickly dissolved in minutes using only warm water.

The water soluble materials may be formulated for compatibility with many 3D printer or additive manufacturing technologies (e.g. SLA, DLP, Inkjet, powder). When used along with a 3D printer it replaces the wax patterns used for over 5,000 years in investment casting, one of the oldest known metal-forming techniques.

When formulated into a resin to replace polymer resins or wax patterns, it drastically reduces the amount of time required to produce an investment casting by eliminating the 8-12 hour long burn-out cycle.

As a ROR (Rinse Out Resin) it allows for higher pattern resolution, intricacy and better finishes than other materials. Since the water rinse out replaces the burn out cycle, it eliminates the problems of patterns made from other materials due to leftover ash or polymer expansion.

Investment casters can benefit from the ease of casting ROR and the tenfold reduction in the time to create a casting.

More information may be found on the ROR product page:

Bucktown Polymers specializes in the research and development, formulation and manufacturing of novel coatings, inks, resins, adhesives and composites for a wide range of industries. This new material is just one of hundreds that Bucktown Polymers has developed or formulated over the past few years.

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