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Corsettery: "Our Customer is Our King"

The new small corset making company is building brand through positive experience and joy from partnership and communication with corset lovers from all over the world and started its first Design Corset contest for finding our the perfect corset. They will gift a gift $100 coupon for the best design and will create it in real life.


Two close friends were talking one day and one asked “Hey, why don’t we launch a business together?”. The other replied without even a thought “Sure, what will we sell?” She responded “Corsets, of course.” The rest as they say is history. Once this seed was planted, things happened quickly. A name, a vision, a tagline, a team and a website happened with the seeming blink of an eye. Corsettery was born and in only a few short months, they were selling an outstanding collection of high quality custom made corsets that are affordable.

The Corsettery brand was launched in Nashville, Tennessee but already have customers and followers from all over the globe. Turned out that people were waiting for such exclusive and luxury products like bespoke corseterie with reasonable and rational pricing and high quality materials. In just several weeks Instagram corsettery became a society of several thousands of people involved and loving corsets and their business. And right now they started their first Design Contest for people who has their vision and ideas how to create perfect and stylish corset where everybody are invited to take part.

"I love to see how connection flows from one person to another, I so appreciate and love even the smallest comment and opinion from one of our corset lovers. We are building a community and family. Our decisions and directions are always driven by our customers and followers. Our motto is to always to listen and respond to our community" says Robert, one of the partners and co-owners of Corsettery.
As they say they were very surprised to see such a strong interest by people so quickly, to receive so many letters and questions about corsets, about designs, about everything. "I have been working with corsets for more than 6 years starting my first online store in the South of Russia, that soon became one of the most popular and loved in my country. So I have learned several rules from my experience:

1. The customer is king. You are doing your work for your customer and not for yourself. It is impossible to build a business without true love to your buyer. Every tiny small letter and opinion is read by both of us and discussed before we reply, I remember name, size, order of any customer for years and when somebody write to me like "Hello, I have you corset, it is black underbust leather", - I will remember the corset and the person, because each of them is the most important for me and I am still nervous about every corset untill person doesn't text and say: "I have received your corset and it is great!" That is why it is so important for us to have social channels and as an internet businesswoman I must say that social media is a really powerful instrument for any business first of all because it allows you to talk to your audience and listen to their opinions. To underline this we try to involve people to tell us more and more about our corsets. For example right now we are having the campaign that is called "Waist Training Volunteers" where several wonderful women will make a diary about wearing our custom made corsets telling about their experiences in waist training. Also we have just launched our first Designer Contest on Instagram in which we look forward to seeing the creative ideas for corset designs they would like to see in our store. We will be extremely happy to see as much opinions as possible.

2. The quality of corsets is the most important feature of our products. Without extra high quality it is impossible to build a brand that you can be proud of. I started as a "corset lover" who didn't know where to buy my first corset and my first experience was with a cheap Chinese corset from Ebay (and it was rather disappointing to say the least). That was nearly 8 years ago. It motivated me to devote almost all my time to making top quality real heavy corsets that can tighten for real and be sold at an affordable price.

3. The Internet is everything. I adore the Internet. It is my love and passion. I think it is the most powerful instrument in modern society. I may talk about it for hours and even days but in general if you ask me: "Where do you want to open your shop or business?" I will say: "Only on the Internet!" It gives such a huge opportunities for everybody who has something exclusive to show and say that it is impossible to deny its power. It is imperative for every business to learn to tap and utilize its incredible power.

4. Prices. There is a wide range of pricing structure in the corset market from very low cost, extremely cheap (which unfortunately don’t work well or last) to super expensive designer pieces. We strongly belief the pricing should be fair and equitable giving many people the opportunity to buy a custom made corset of high quality. Therefore, we are very careful in setting our prices in a responsible and affordable manner.

5. Partnership. When working in a creative, small and innovative company like Corsettery it is imperative to have an outstanding partnership that works together easily. You should be absolutely sure that you understand each other, respect each other and are able to be together not only in happy moments but also solve difficulties and problems. It is not a secret that any business can meet a lot of different situations and from the fact that you are able to stand them with your partner means that you will have pleasure and satisfaction from your work. It is an absolute joy to build this company with my dear friend." shares Irina, second partner of Corsettery.

Sometimes in life, things can happen at a drop of a hat. A simple question and answer can start an incredible journey. This is the case with Corsettery. Let the adventure and growth continue.

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