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Popular Japanese BL game "Yaoi Ooku" finally released in English!

On July 1st, 2015, yaoi game developer , Elementree, from Japan released the English version of its popular mobile game app, ”Yaoi Ooku: Distorted Love” in English. It’s a BL dating sims game available now on iOS and Android.


“Japanese Yaoi Game Yaoi Ooku Is Finally Released in English! Character Voices by The Famous Voice Actor, Tetsuya Kakihara!”

On July 1st, 2015, Japanese Yaoi game developer, Elementree, released its popular mobile game application,”Yaoi Ooku: Distorted Love” in English on iOS and Android.

Elementree is one of the most popular, leading yaoi game developers in Japan since its establishment in 2004, providing mobile game apps since 2010. Their games are well known among yaoi fans for their beautiful, original characters and very Japanese oriented stories, emphasising emotioneering. Elementree’s mission is to provide high quality Japanese yaoi games for their fans, not only in Japan, but all over the world.

Finally, the long awaited English version of their popular title, “Yaoi Ooku: Distorted Love” has been released! Since its release in 2014, Distorted Love has been a hit and gained many fans. Although only the Japanese version was available, word quickly spread, catching the attention of yaoi fans overseas. Elementree has responded to their enthusiastic requests and finally released the English version of “Yaoi Ooku” on iOS and Android July 1st, 2015!! It is free to download this app and play the game. Charges apply only if players choose to purchase the special options.

“Yaoi Ooku: Distorted Love” is a yaoi dating simulation mobile game. The main character “Iyemitsu Tokugawa”, the third Shogun of the Edo era, becomes entangled in affairs with his concubines in his harem called “Ooku”. Unlike the normal Ooku, the Shogun’s consists of only men…. You can choose to be one of the three characters from the Ooku and play the romantic, but still exciting, dating game to get close to the Shogun…Let’s see if you can become his lover! The game is presented in very Japanese, high quality settings and is a must play for yaoi fans!



Edo Era……
The age of civil war is over and the Tokugawa clan starts governing Japan. Iyemitsu Tokugawa has become the third Shogun.

However, he’s a shy guy with low self-confidence and tends to escape into his “Ooku” every time he faces hardship. “All Men Ooku” was founded for Iyemitsu who developed gynophobia due to a traumatic experience in the past.

With the help of his personal tutor, Kasuga, and his vassals, he barely manages to pass each day. In these days, mysterious murders begin to occur in “Ooku” and……



[Uke & Seme reverse scripts included!]
Character voice for Iyemitsu is performed by the famous Tetsuya Kakihara!Kakihara's Iyemitsu is an uke, but some part of the main and Gacha scripts give you 【Switch to seme version!】

[Humiliating Endings included!]
When your character proceeds to endings with a low Good Impression points…
your character gets… humiliated…
and you will see a very disgraceful ending!
Of course, you’ll get to see beautiful and sexy pictures!

[What your character and Iyemitsu would do in your private page…?]
You get to see your character’s daily scenes for 24 hours.
If you keep your Good Impression points high until midnight, you’ll get to see…
Play and find out yourself!

[Moe focused scenarios! You’ll get to taste different Moe in different routes!]
Kasuga: [Brothers Moe] “Older brother is distressed as he got feelings toward his half brother.”
Oman: [Lord and vassal Moe] “Obedient love gradually gets twisted and leads to treason…”
Inaba: [Childhood Friends Moe] “Iyemitsu lends hand to his childhood friend who’s troubled by some physical condition.”

【Character Voices】
Character voices performed by these famous Japanese voice actors!

Iyemitsu Tokugawa: by Tetsuya Kakihara
Kasuga: by Yusuke Shirai
Oman: by Makoto Naruse
Inaba: by Daisuke Ishida

【Mechanics Summary】
“Yaoi Ooku” is a dating stimulations mobile game app. Players use tickets to proceed through the game. Tickets are distributed to players every day at 4am EST at no cost. As you start the game, you get to choose your character as a lover of the Shogun. At different stages of the game, you are asked to select actions from three choices. You will reach different endings according to the choices you make. Downloading and playing “Yaoi Ooku” is free. Charges apply if players choose to purchase special options.

Name of App:”Yaoi Ooku: Distorted Love”
Genre:Dating Sims Game
Date of Release:July 1, 2015

【Available Platforms】

<iOS/Android Download URL>



【Corporate Profile】
Company Name : Elementree, Inc.
CEO: Kunihiro Ogawa
Our Business: Game Development, Smart Phone app Development
Address : 7-7-3 # 201, Nishinakajima, Yodogawaku, Osaka, Zip532-0011, Japan

Established: October 19, 2005

【Contact Info】
Elementree, Inc.
Phone: +81-6-6195-7631 (Japan)
Fax : +81-6-6195-7632 (Japan) (Japanese)
Overseas Relations: Chiyoka E. Ajimoto
Email: (English)


Contact Info
Elementree, Inc.
Elementree, Inc.
7-7-3 # 201, Nishinakajima, Yodogawaku
Osaka, Zip532-0011, Japan

Phone: +81-6-6195-7631