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MC Reveals Five Luxury Marketing Strategies For Branding Using Periscope

Identifying how luxury brands can use Periscope to drive millennial targeting for selling more luxury goods, products, and services faster.


(Atlanta, Georgia) - Periscope is the place to explore the world through someone else's eyes. MC the leader in public relations luxury branding training today announced how luxury brands can use Periscope as a hot marketing strategy. Citing Periscope presents enormous benefits for luxury branding to implement marketing strategies for selling more luxury goods, products, and services. Offering a full detail overview for using Periscope for luxury branding marketing strategies on their luxury platform website.

According to MC, Periscope presents greater possibilities for luxury brands to connect with younger audiences such as millennials. Highlighting in a Nielsen report it was revealed that millennials represent one of the largest generational groups in the U.S. and are also the largest group of smartphone owners. Identifying that 85% of those aged 18 to 24 owned a smartphone and 86% of those aged 25 to 34 also own smartphones. Revealing that by using Periscope in the beginning infancy stages, being first for the possibility to become a pioneer and driving influential control is a major big deal. Creating a branding potential that could blockbuster a marketing plan and marketing strategies for luxury branding. A master plan of being first for “getting in first” while the social equity and mobile equity high stakes are still available. Deeming, Periscope as a true game changer.

Specifically, MC feels Periscope is so important because it allows access in real-time to moments that matter. Explaining the use of Periscope for luxury branding marketing strategies as a stopwatch to interact and engage to program influential control for luxury branding exact targeting. Connecting a true social media marketing and mobile app tool for the type of exclusivity invitation luxury brands desire to have when implementing marketing strategies.

From the MC the luxury platform website breaks down that these are the steps to take to create a Periscope account and there is no charge and it’s fairly simple:

1. Download the Periscope app from the iTunes App store or the Google Play Store.

2. Sign in using Twitter credentials. For multiple Twitter accounts on devices, user will be prompted to choose which one to sign up with.

3. Twitter profile picture and bio will migrate over to Periscope account, Periscope doesn’t automatically import Twitter followers.

4. Enter name.

5. Choose a Periscope username (handle). This can be different from current Twitter handle.

To learn how-to use Periscope to impact engagement in real-time focusing on moments that matter most for luxury brands. MC presents a guide for delivering complete engagement influential balance to explore the world through the eyes of a luxury brand.

Luxury Branding Marketing Strategies For Using Periscope To Drive Millennial Targeting:

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