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Is it possible to sell your London home without an Agent?

By bridging the gaps that prevent homeowners from selling their own houses in London, Just599 makes for a compelling alternative to the traditional and expensive high-street agents.


Most people would be happy to show potential buyers around their own home if it saved them that huge estate agent’s fee. The problem is all the other stuff that estate agents do; floor plans, ‘for sale’ boards, photos and energy certificates. Then there is the huge problem of marketing. You can’t just put your house onto Zoopla or Rightmove, which is where everybody goes to look for houses these days, because they are for estate agents only.

Obviously a new kind of estate agent is required, one that helps you to sell your own home and avoid those huge commission fees by bridging the gaps that only an estate agent can fill. Well, London’s newest agency has the answer because it is now home to Just599 which charges a fixed-fee of just £599 to sell your property – no matter the size or the value of the property.

Just599 is a 100% online service (so to kick off they have no expensive offices that need to be paid for). As well as getting your property up onto Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime location, Just599 can also help with optional services that can be tailored to fit your needs and this flexibility helps to keep costs down. Need a floor plan? Well just add it to your requirements. Already have good photos of your house? Then leave this off your list and save the money.

Once ready, your property goes up on the big property portals and Just599 deals with enquiries and offers in exactly the same way as the high-street agents, via email or by phone. But unlike the other estate agents, when you do sell your house, they won’t be sending you a sky-high bill, the only thing they will send you is congratulations.

“In the same way that consumers are increasingly using Uber instead of black cabs or Easyjet instead of British Airways, property owners will start to use Just599 rather than commission-based estate agents” said marketing director Ian Reece.

“On a £560k home, Just599 saves you £9,481 compared to an estate agents 1.5% commission. That’s a lot money…enough to get you a decent second-hand Porsche! You wouldn’t buy an estate agent a Porsche would you? Worse still, this demand will arrive just when you are already swamped with bills from the solicitor, stamp duty and the removal company as well as your new mortgage!”

By bridging the gaps that prevent homeowners from selling their houses, Just599 makes for a compelling alternative to traditional high-street agents. It also answers a question that many people have often asked: why do estate agents charge so much money? The answer seems to have been because they can – as until now, there was no alternative.


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Ian Reece
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