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ConnectExpert ─ Software for clinics and private doctors

ConnectExpert - virtual assistant for medical centers, hospitals and individual physicians. Our primary goal is using e-Health and Telemedicine to drive sweeping global


Let ConnectExpert Boost Patient Engagement for you

It’s common knowledge that boosting patient engagement is a good idea. Patients want to be involved in their own care; they want to feel that the medical professionals they’ve entrusted with their wellbeing are truly looking out for them. In the past, boosting engagement could be accomplished slipshod through emailing, text messaging and perhaps some video conferencing capabilities. It was a separate step to collate the data collected from such interactions and insert them into the EMR. Now, offers the best of patient portal software combined with SSL-encrypted data storage, making data management completely automatic.

Other clinic management software programs are out there. There are programs that promise the same appealing connectivity, the same ability to interact with patients on-the-go. Often, these programs require complex equipment, or access to a designated, technologically complex telemedicine facility. These facilities, while growing more common, are still rare. ConnectExpert lets doctor and patient communicate in real time via text message or video chat conducted through PC or iOS. If you’ve got access to a WiFi signal and a mobile device or PC, you can interface with patients in a convenient, efficient, totally secure system.

ConnectExpert - new vision for the future of Telemedicine
In the past, medical care has been a bit of a one-way street: the doctor examines the patient, makes a diagnosis, and hands down a prescription for treatment. It wasn’t a conversation, it was a mandate. While no one is questioning physicians’ authority to recommend treatments, patients these days want the opportunity to be a participant in their own healthcare. They want to connect. They want the round-the-clock accessibility that comes with telemedicine capabilities, and they want to be able to review the data from their latest appointment themselves. ConnectExpert makes all of this possible, as patients are able to view, but not alter, the records of all prior telemedical appointments at any time. It can be difficult to remember everything a doctor recommended in his office; this way, patients can review the information at any time.

Adding a telemedicine software platform to your office can have huge benefits to physicians and patients alike. Let ConnectExpert make your patients feel engaged and empowered while also boosting your own efficiency and organization.

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