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Young Boy's Quest to win ‘Just One More Game’ shown in new book

"Just One More Game" is about a young boy named Corey who is so obsessed with playing his video game that he won't eat, sleep, or go outside to play with his friends. He is determined to reach Level 10 and beat the Black Knight so he can earn his place in the Video Game Hall of Fame.


LYNCHBURG, Va. – Martha Hamlett and illustrator Davey Morgan show the popularity of video games, an indoor and online hobby different from the previous generations’ outdoorsy forms of play. The story shows a situation when the hobby becomes excessive and the promise of “Just One More Game” (published by AuthorHouse) cannot be fulfilled because the young player will not be satisfied until the final level is reached and his foe is conquered.

"Just One More Game" is about Corey, who is so obsessed with his video games that he does not want to go outside to play or even eat dinner. His parents, sister and friends all get upset with him, but he is determined to beat the Black Knight and win a spot in the Video Game Hall of Fame. He is cheered on by a wonderful cast of characters such as the family pets as he goes on this virtual odyssey against his digital rival, who has become a playmate that demands more of his time than even his loved ones. This fixation ups the stakes, for only victory will return him to his worried and frustrated loved ones. Resuming their lives has become the video game’s ultimate prize.

“As a Mom, it has always been a struggle to get them to go to bed when they needed to when they were involved in playing online, etc.” Hamlett says of her children. “One evening I was trying to get my oldest to turn off the game and go to bed when he told me, ‘Just let me play one more game, and then I will go to bed.’ Well, there was my title. I was inspired to write this fun story after hearing that exclamation.”

With "Just One More Game," Hamlett and Morgan make reading fun with the tale’s creative storyline and wonderful visual appeal, meant to make readers feel like they are playing the game right along with Corey.

“Just One More Game”
By Martha Hamlett
Softcover | 8.5 x 8.5in | 40 pages | ISBN 9781504954570
E-Book | 40 pages | ISBN 9781504954587
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble /

About the Author
Martha Hamlett resides in Lynchburg with her husband, Phil, and two sons, Noah and Christian. She started publishing her stories in 2008 with her first book, “Bats in the Air, Bats in My Hair.” Her stories are life-inspired. She works with Elementary schools to bring her stories to the Preschool to second grade age.

Davey Morgan resides in Greenville, South Carolina with his wife, Marissa and his son, Ansel. He is experienced in photography and digital illustration. He graduated from Erskine College with a B.A. degree in Visual Art. He draws his inspiration from comic books such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Marvel and DC titles, as well as the movies of Disney, Pixar and Studio Ghibli. He enjoys spending time on music, running and in his relationship with God and his family.

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