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DSGSS continues record sales growth as clients leverage its platform to eliminate front end compliance challenges and risk.

DSGSS continues record sales growth as clients leverage its platform to eliminate front end compliance challenges and risk.


Dallas, TX. October 26, 2015 – DSGSS is pleased to announce continued record growth as its expanding list of clients continue to embrace its Automated Compliance Enforcement platform, eliminating the front end compliance challenges dealers typically face.

“Over the last year we have earned the privilege of partnering with some of the largest and most respected dealerships across the country. Our clients are committed to compliance and taking it to the next level to protect their dealership, their brand, and their customers” said Doug Fusco, DSGSS CEO. “As the compliance landscape continues to evolve, Dealers are looking for solutions that solve problems and add value. Training and testing are a great foundation, but there has to be something to hold these important and necessary behavioral steps in place under stress. Our platform has proven in the most active environments it does exactly that.”

Bert Boeckmann, Chief Executive Officer, Galpin Motors, Inc., states: “Because the retail auto business and the laws impacting it are so complex today, a compliance program is an essential function. Unfortunately, truly workable solutions are few and far between. After searching and searching for an answer, we implemented DSGSS. It is absolutely an outstanding and effective program that helps implement best practices and protect the dealer is many ways, not the least of which are regulatory compliance, identity fraud, and management & retention of documents.”

This unique platform enables dealers to manage both their behavioral and administrative compliance obligations with complete transparency and control, all within one platform. Mike Brosin, Managing Partner at Crest Cadillac Infiniti feels “DSGSS is an absolute no brainer. It’s going to be game changing for our industry”.

Chris Zamora of Zamora Auto Group says “We thought we had a pretty good handle on compliance. Implementing DSGSS was an eye opener for me, and I believe it will be for just about any dealer! We feel it provides an automated layer of immediate control and protection that is an absolute necessity”.


DSGSS is an innovator in the compliance management system space. It’s A.C.E. platform eliminates the compliance liability gap between what is “supposed” to happen in the front end of the dealership and what “actually” happens, establishing and most importantly “enforcing” the processes necessary to sustain a compliant environment every time.

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