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“A job description for the Business owner” - New book for business owners!

The book known as “A job description for the Business owner” is written by the founder and CEO of our company Alexander Visotsky.


We are glad to present you an exclusive and effective guide for all the business owners. The book known as “A job description for the Business owner” is written by the founder and CEO of our company Alexander Visotsky.

The most peculiar thing about the book is that it’s absolutely practical. There is no unnecessary word in it. All the information contained will be helpful for your business development. Moreover, everyone can adopt it for themselves. Make useful notes and create your own strategy how to increase productivity, effectiveness, and manageability of your company.

You may think you have read enough works on the topic. However, we assure you that you will find many new and interesting facts and ideas, which could never come to your mind before. Many of those who have followed the advice and have given a chance to this publication call it a handbook for a businessperson.
What you can find in it:

  • creative ideas and quotes of successful businessmen,

  • guidelines of how a businessperson should act,

  • information on what any successful person must strive for.

It will not only help you to grow and develop your business here and now, but also allow to see new and high horizons and to make plans for the future.
It will suit for anyone, because it is absolutely simple, easy, and comprehensive. The key goals of the issue are as follows:

  • to show how targets of an owner differ from targets of a director,

  • to describe the importance of every role in business development,

  • to highlight what the owner is actually responsible for,

  • to point out what the owner should put his (her) efforts into.

This wonderful book will be helpful for both experienced and sophisticated businesspersons and for the beginners.
What it helps to achieve:

  • personal application of changes to your company,

  • regulation mechanisms,

  • access to consultations as much as you aspire (this book speaks to you as though it’s a real person).

Join us and make the world of business more organized and advanced. Get aware how to successfully share your duties in order to achieve your purpose and make your business constantly strive. Even if you are not succeed for the first time – never give up trying (it is one of first things to remember doing business). Many of the readers find it very useful to re-read the publication and take notes.

Have a fresh look at your personal and your company’s goals with the incredible book by A. Visotsky!

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