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The Kini Group Launches Major Update to KiniMetrix Business Analytics Software

The Kini Group launched a major update to its cloud-based business analytics software, KiniMetrix, to provide faster data analysis for its customers.


The Kini Group launched a major update to its cloud-based business analytics software, KiniMetrix, to provide faster data analysis for its customers. KiniMetrix 4.2 functionality enhancements come from the company’s customer research and its dedication to providing its customers with the most robust, user-friendly commercial business analytics in the industry.

New Functionality to Pinpoint Exact Drivers of Margin Change

Many of the software updates build on the success of the KiniMetrix Price Volume Mix module and its custom margin bridges, which measure the precise impact of price, cost, volume, and any type of mix on margin changes unlike any other BI solution on the market.

The new functionality allows customers to build custom margin bridges quickly with a few simple clicks. The Kini Group added the ability to drill into margin bridges using filters, encouraging customers to investigate underlying drivers of margin variation in an even more detailed manner.

“Our innovative margin bridge capability helps customers identify and leverage distinct margin drivers for business improvement rapidly,” said Dev Tandon, Founder and CEO of The Kini Group. “By enhancing usability and capabilities, we’re helping customers spend less time manipulating their data and prepping it for analysis, and more time increasing their profits.”

Custom Margin Bridge Groupings

New margin bridge “data containers” allow customers to group their margin bridges, providing faster access to price/volume/mix analyses. By having an arsenal of margin bridges at their fingertips at all timesorganized into user-defined categories, KiniMetrix customers can now spend even less time manipulating their sales transaction data and more time finding actionable insights for margin improvement.

One-Click Support

While The Kini Group continues to improve its phone and online support for customers, KiniMetrix 4.2 includes avenues for customers to find answers immediately. Updated module manuals and how-to guides put customers in-the-know immediately, minimizing delays in the support process.

See the Impact of KiniMetrix 4.2

To prove how quickly KiniMetrix connects customers to actionable insights for profit improvement, The Kini Group launched a 30-day free trial program. Learn more about it, and sign up here.

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