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The Fourth of July, Freedom, Rights and Justice

The Innovative KickStarter to Reclaim Our Heritage of Freedom, Rights and Justice on the Fourth of July.


The Fourth of July, Freedom, Rights and Justice

The Innovative KickStarter to Reclaim Our Heritage of Freedom, Rights and Justice on the Fourth of July.

Every year, many Americans celebrate the Fourth of July by watching fireworks with friends and family and by eating Bar-B-Q, watermelon and ice cream. But many forget that the Fourth of July is really “Independence Day;” a day to remember our nation’s declaration that we would be free from the tyrannical rule of a distant dictator. Most Americans don’t understand that our freedom, our rights and the justice that we value so much in our country are upheld by the U.S. Constitution. This lack of understanding has lead some experts like Harvard Professor Danielle Allen to question if we’re properly educating our students for citizenship and she suggests that the divisive nature of our politics would be greatly improved if we had a better understanding of our founding documents. Now, a KickStarter campaign by I Love the Constitution is aiming to make the Constitution “cool” again for the many disengaged American citizens and bolster the way Americans value freedom, our rights and justice.

On the original Independence Day, we collectively said that freedom, rights and justice matter so much to the human condition and our happiness that we were willing to go to war and sacrifice “our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.” We said that we would no longer accept arbitrary rule from a distant government that undermined our basic human dignity, free-will and self-determination. In 1783, to prevent any future government from becoming as tyrannical as the one we had just thrown off our backs, we forged those principles into the foundation of our government with the U.S. Constitution.

The protections of freedom, rights and justice codified within the Constitution allowed the United States to prosper and become a beacon of hope. Yet many Americans today have lost that understanding, which has led some academics like Harvard Professor Danielle Allen to question if we’re properly educating our students for citizenship. Allen has suggested that “If Americans were better equipped to reflect on their laws and the promises of politicians...they would elect more thoughtful and less divisive leaders,” according to an article by Alexandra Wolfe in the Wall Street Journal. She encourages her critics to read the Constitution as well as many of the other founding documents to become better equipped. However, most Americans are busy. They don’t want to take the time to read these documents and they certainly won’t take time to become scholars.

David Crane, founder of the movement known as I Love the Constitution said, “If you focus on the difficulty of helping our disengaged citizenry become engaged, it’s easy to get discouraged. But I prefer to focus on what we can do. Americans already value freedom, our rights and justice and I believe that if we can get fun, short messages out en masse that tie those principles to the Constitution, we can start to make a real difference...we can begin to help Americans value the Constitution again and come to love, honor and protect it so it can keep ensuring our liberties.”

I Love the Constitution has a launched a KickStarter campaign to help them finish revamping their website,, launch viral social media contests, stage fun events and develop short and fun videos that feel more like exploring and being entertained than going to school. Their efforts will also include a series of large, publicly visible messages that dramatically depict the values of freedom, rights and justice and tie them to the Constitution. Those messages are targeted at teens and young adults, but are still appreciated by those more seasoned citizens as well.

One of their upcoming contests is called the “I Love the Constitution because...” Contest. It lets people tell why they love the Constitution and use social media to get their message out. The viral nature of these contests is intended to be fun and engaging.

One of their planned events is their Spring Break Constitution Fest to be held in 2017. The family friendly event is designed to be fun, but also includes social media contests aimed at expanding the reach and impact of their message. Crane said, “This powerful event will be fun at a whole new level! We’ll engage those who come with great activities and use contests and prizes to encourage them to use social media to broadcast how much they love the principles of freedom, rights and justice while having a great time. Our entire focus is to make the Constitution cool again. When it’s cool, people will love it...That’s were we came up with our name.”

So, on this Fourth of July, a KickStarter campaign may actually help Americans value the Constitution that protects our rights, defends justice and keeps us free.

Those interested in seeing the KickStarter campaign can find it at

Below are some of the art displays that are expected to be displayed across the country in the months and years to come.

Video content can also be found on the KickStarter Campaign.
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