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Wall Street Applauds New Executive Strategy Book

Book titled Executive Strategy Handbook Offers Select Collection of Strategy Maps, Patterns and Frameworks Exclusively for Executives Who Want to Craft Winning Strategies


July 6, 2016 (New York, N.Y.) – Gold Point Consulting announced today release of an Executive Strategy Handbook to aid executives with strategy formulation and execution. The handbook covers best practices in strategy as a result of 25 years of research in strategy and leadership. The handbook received accolades from various business journals, Fortune 500 companies and universities for its broad list of strategy models, frameworks and methods. The book is written for business leaders and policy makers who seek to formulate winning strategies for their firm.

The book covers the six characteristics of effective CEOs who successfully link strategy to execution and create high performance companies. The handbook includes over 50 different strategy concepts to aid executives in strategy development.
“This handbook is a must have for your executive bookshelf. It covers many strategy approaches and methods to satisfy the needs in every situation and industry”, said John Huseby, VP of Marketing, “This is a very much needed strategy handbook for executives as it offers best practices in strategy from the executive perspective”, he added. The handbook introduces new strategy concepts such as the theory of stratagems. Stratagems are presented as the key success factor for legendary companies that consistently outperform the S&P500 average for more than 25 years.

The book covers a diverse set of strategy patterns, maps and frameworks including: blue ocean strategy, diamond strategy, the 5C's of strategy, strategy canvas and agile execution, McKinsey 7S and Ansoff Matrix. It introduces new strategy formulation methods such as the Infinity Strategy Model and DuPont formula applications that are exclusive to this handbook.

The Executive Strategy Handbook can be obtained from Amazon at Alternatively, the handbook can be purchased from and from the company’s website at

“Research shows that 90% of companies fail to execute their strategic visions”, said John Huseby. “This handbook achieves the right balance of strategy methods and tactical business maneuvers”, added John Huseby. “CEOs are typically not trained in the art and science of strategy craft. They need guidance on how to lead with strategic thinking for their organization effectively”, Huseby added, "This handbook is a great reference for executives to prepare for and formulate their strategy. We’ve collected more than 25 years of strategy research into this handbook”.

The Executive Strategy Handbook is written for executives who wish to master the science and art of strategy formulation. The book collects a wide assortment of strategy frameworks and patterns based on 25 years of research about highly successful legendary companies.

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