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Wristband Connection Partners With Gyms to Motivate Members

Online kiosks will customize silicone wristbands with members’ goals to motivate and promote retention


HOUSTON (July 6, 2016) – Goals are made in hopes that they are obtained. Many people have different ways remembering their goals. Whether that’s putting on a mirror, telling a friend, or simply remembering it, too often the initial motivation is deterred in someway and the goal becomes lost in the back of people’s minds. Health goals are often created and gym memberships will be purchased, however, because of the lost of motivation, people stop going and quit on their goal. This leaves the gym member with a monthly bill and unfulfilled goal and the gym without a frequent member.

According to LinkedIn, 90% of gym goers stop going by March of each year. This is the result of goals made and motivation lost. Many may think that the only one losing out is the member, however, more are affected by the lose of gym goers. For example, a gym employees many people, including instructors that are scheduled according to their class attendance. If no one shows up, then the instructor has no students to teach, resulting in less hours and low pay. The same thing for hired personal trainers. This presents a problem for the gym and its employees. The answer to the question of how to keep members coming back is motivation, but how can the a gym or academy play a bigger part in motivating their members?

Wristband Connection has the answer to help gyms and gym members to work together to stay motivated. Through new technology, gym members will be able to purchase and customize their own wristbands in order to stay motivated. A gym can even include a special code when the member signs up. How it works is that there will be embedded code placed directly to a gym's website and will appear immediately for use. Members will simply follow the steps and create their own wristband. This product will be the start of the member’s journey and will become a part of their apparel as they work towards their health goals. It becomes an outward expression that everyone can see resulting in the member being accountable by others.

In addition, gyms that implement the online kiosks will enter into a partnership with Wristband Connection and receive a percentage of each sold. Wristband Connection will receive the order, create it, and ship the product requiring no effort, with an exception of promotion, by the gym. An online kiosk will stand as a simple way of motivating gym members and is a marketing tool that literally pays for itself. This will undoubtedly inspire gym members to continue to go.

About Wristband Connection:

Based in Houston, TX, Founder Victor Rey has made it his mission to provide the highest quality of silicone personalized wristbands. With a state of the art production facility, Mr. Rey is crossing boundaries and working with leaders within the business, religion, non-profit, medical and sports realms to ensure the best product for their advertising and marketing needs.

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