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File Morpher is most favored feature by 67% Voice Changer Software Diamond’s users

In the latest 2016 semi-annual report, Audio4fun had a chance to evaluate the new Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.0’s performance. Standing out from all the rest was File Morpher as its most favorite feature, so voted by 67% of users.


The first half of 2016 has passed, and so now it is time for Audio4fun to share its 2016 semi-annual report, and the results are unexpectedly impressive. Since the release of Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.0 in late 2015, the most favored feature of this new version turned out to be File Morpher, voted by 67% users. More information about the software can be found at

File Morpher allows any user to freely modify and morph any pre-recorded audio files as well as convert them to a variety of file formats. Moreover, with batch processing technology, the selected audio files will be processed all at once, saving much more time and effort.

File Morpher makes it easy to morph audio files

Why is it so popular among users? When using voice-related software, people often also look for a tool to edit and morph their pre-recorded audio files. The report shows that aside from a real-time voice changer for funny voice chat in VoIP programs, most of the users expect more functions from a great software, such as creating voice messages and audio stories, audio remix or converting file formats.

Realize the need of potential users, File Morpher was integrated to the Diamond edition of Voice Changer Software series in order to provide an editing solution. Correspondingly, so many users chose the Diamond edition with the feature to satisfy the need of editing files besides its other core functions. “Small, but powerful, our Diamond edition is one of the few voice changing programs that has a File Morpher feature. The voting proved that file-editing is a real need and people want software with all the necessary functions. The software is no longer simply a real-time voice changer anymore; now it can be seen and used as a professional audio editor,” said Peter Nguyen – COO of Audio4fun.

File Morpher is the key to completing Voice Changer Software Diamond’s definition: All-in-one

The power and usefulness of File Morpher does not lie only within its own functions; the success comes from its combination with all the other important features. Users can utilize the settings of Voice Morpher to apply to batches of audio files, as the settings can be used for both features. Also after morphing the files, the Voice-overs Editor allows further editing opportunities; for this reason, not until the most recent release has been recognized by the majority of users for its overall features improvements, and is steadily growing in popularity.

“A part of File Morpher’s success comes from the close coordination and mutual support between the main features,” Peter added. File Morpher has proved to be an essential feature of Voice Changer Software Diamond and undoubtedly the decisive key in completing the definition of the Diamond edition: the all-in-one home audio station.

With this finding as the foundation, there will be more updates in the future, and Audio4fun hopes to bring more fun and better service to all its users. More in-depth specifications about Voice Changer Software Diamond can be found at

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