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2016-07-11 Print Enables Sharing Bicycles and Luggage Storage Space With Tourists

SAATS Inc wants the residents of Japan to share their unused bicycles and luggage storage space with tourists and has just launched to make it happen.


SAATS Inc wants the residents of Japan to share their unused bicycles and luggage storage space with tourists and has just launched to make it happen. It allows users to register as providers (concierges) or customers and engage in a new marketplace of goodwill and sharing of resources, with a little convenience traded for extra household income. In addition to the website, there is a phone app for Apple and Android enabling mobile use.

With its world renowned tourist attractions and public transportation, Japan presents a unique challenge to the baggage toting tourist. Visiting many of the best attractions requires changing hotels, leading to a day of dragging luggage. Most coin storage lockers are small and are rarely empty near top attractions. tempGrab solves the problem by enabling luggage storage in many popular destination cities to be booked ahead of time, or at a moment’s notice, at a nearby location that is most convenient. That leaves hands free when counting out cab fares, stepping aboard subways or eating a bowl of udon noodles in very small restaurants. The luggage can then be retrieved at the end of the day for the trip to the next hotel.

Bicycle culture is very popular in Japan. Jammed car traffic and tiny alleys make it a zippy alternative for seeing cities on street level. Great opportunities abound for mountain biking and exploring well developed bikeways in the countryside. For a nation that has strict rules on how to line up to enter a train, Japan is surprisingly easy going about bike riding and anything short of reckless behavior generally doesn’t attract attention. The challenge lies in getting a bicycle in the neighborhood you wish to explore since bike shops are limited and often require paperwork. tempGrab simplifies the whole process for selecting the nearest friendly bicycle lender and making a booking with a few clicks, so the only thing left is to unlock the bike and ride away!

The key to making it all work is the “new sharing” economy that is gaining wide interest and momentum in Japan. People who have services to provide can easily market them to those in need of services, all brought together by technology. Besides being a major travel destination, Japan is gearing up for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and a flood of expected tourists. The physical limits of space in the world’s most densely populated metropolis put huge pressure on public and commercial services for providing things like locker space or street level bike rentals.

tempGrab hopes to “crowd source” this service through apartment owners, small shops, and the like who have a flare for entrepreneurship. There are many other people with a spare closet or a bicycle chained outside. Even among the older generation, there is a changing attitude in the difficult economy, where opening up side opportunities for income is seen as creative and industrious. Concierges can control their rental schedule and have flexibility in setting their price structures. Customers have a straightforward, easy to use interface to locate and book nearby services according to their needs.

Registration on is free for both concierges and customers. The service charges a small reservation fee and a percentage for each transaction. The mobile app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android. The tempGrab service is active and SAATS is soliciting both new concierges and customers.

About SAATS Inc

SAATS Inc. is a web services developer and operator based in Roppongi, Japan. Its focus is on ease of use, spontaneous engagement and creating a fun atmosphere for service providers and purchasers to meet. SAATS also operates a suite of ecommerce tools and is its first foray into the sharing economy. It can connect travelers in Japan with local people and businesses offering a variety of travel related products and services.

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