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MRG Effitas test declared Zemana AntiMalware to be the best ransomware protection

Edirne,Turkey-July 27, 2016-ZEMANA, an award winning security software provider and leader in protection from online identity theft and online fraud, announced that, according to MRG Effitas, a UK independent test house, Zemana AntiMalware proves to be the best ransomware protection among globally known products.


The UK-based independent IT security research company, conducted a comparative analysis of Zemana AntiMalware product, and other globally known ransomware tools: Bitdefender Anti-Ransomware, Hitmanpro.Alert, Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware Beta and Cryptoprevent.

These tools had been tested against eleven different ransomware variants, which have been prevalent over the last years. All tests were conducted in a virtual environment, where malware cannot detect the presence of virtualization and all levels of protection and Windows Defender in the operating system have been disabled.

As for the ransomware samples they used 10 widespread variants in recent years: CTB Locker, Petya, TeslaCrypt, Cerber, Mircop (Autoit), Crypt0L0cker, Alphacrypt, ACCDFISA (based Winrar), Locky, Bart. In addition, the simulator used Trojan-encoder developed by the Laboratory of MRG Effitas.

“Based on this report, Zemana AntiMalware proved to be the best ransomware protection among the tested products during the test.”-MRG Effitas report.

Globally, ransomware continues to be a problem and in the past few years there is a increase of ransomware activity and risk of infection for corporate networks and home PCs.

However, many organizations and home users fail to apply adequate ransomware protection. With the first major appearance of ransomware, Zemana knew that it is going to make huge problems worldwide therefore the company worked hard to develop a product that will defeat it.

This is a great step for Zemana, but the main reason behind this is to help organizations and home users worldwide to get proactive protection that will ensure their full safety.

Besides the great capability for ransomware protection, Zemana AntiMalware is a malware scanner designed to rescue a computer from malware that has infected the computer despite all the security measures taken. It uses cloud-based scanning to reduce detection time for new virus outbreaks and to improve scanning performance.

Zemana is planning soon to start with their “Block ransomware” campaign where they will educate users on ransomware, how to defeat it in case they get infected and what measures to take in order to block it.

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