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White Hand Films Announces the Release of Injustice For All

Detroit-based film company, White Hand Films, released a fan film on Youtube about DC Comics’ most iconic villain, The Joker.


White Hand Films announced the release of their original short film based on DC Comics’ character The Joker. The twenty-minute movie can be seen for free on Youtube and is centered around The Joker’s world, including the relationships around him and how he became the villain he is known to be. The film was shot in Detroit featuring both local and Hollywood talent.

“Our vision was to make a film for the fans, by the fans,” said Donavan Darius, White Hand Films Producer. “We wanted to explore how a villain came to be who he is and used our extensive knowledge as fans to piece a narrative together.”

Injustice For All also showcases other well-known DC Comics characters such as Harleen Quinzel, Lex Luthor, Catwoman, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and others to set the stage for a future project called The Superman Trials. It was directed by Danny Mooney, an Ann Arbor, Michigan native who currently resides between Ann Arbor and LA. An actor as well, Mooney is most known on the directing front for his feature debut titled Love and Honor, a true love story set against the backdrop of the Vietnam War, starring Liam Hemsworth.

“I was super excited at the prospect of bringing Gotham's most notorious outlaw to life,” said Director, Danny Mooney. “Digging into the deep and nuanced mind of a tortured sociopath, then trying to see the world through his eyes - all while making him entertaining and interesting - is certainly no small task. Though I felt being sincere to the characters, and not just the spectacle, was the only way to tell this story in a manner with which the fans could truly resonate. Luckily the entire acting and filmmaking team were on the same page and up for the crazy challenge.”

The film also stars Julia Voth from Resident Evil, as Lois Lane, and Jamie Bernadette as Catwoman who will appear in I Spit on Your Grave: Deja Vu (2017). Injustice For All was written by Joseph Bryce Hart and Donavan Darius, who also plays Lex Luthor, Joker is played by Chris Newman and Harleen Quinzel is portrayed by Erika Hoveland. All three are local Detroit actors and were also producers on the project. The film was edited by Glenn Garland, who is well known throughout the editing world, especially for his editing on Rob Zombie’s notorious horror films.

There has already been a significant buzz around this original short by both the comic and horror fan communities. To find out what is exciting many fans, watch the entire movie on Youtube.

About White Hand Films
White Hand Films is a film production company focused on filling the screen with imagination. As the name indicates (inspired from the White Hand of Saruman from J.R.R. Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings) their focus is primarily on feature length and short films in Science Fiction and Fantasy.

About Injustice For All

Under the Hollywood radar, a group of renegade filmmakers have created a dark and gritty short film in an attempt to be the punk rock to the mainstream super-hero-movies' pop music. While it involves all the characters we know and love from the comic book universe, one will get to catch a glimpse of an entirely different side of all of them in this innovative flick, titled: INJUSTICE FOR ALL.

Have you ever wondered what makes an evil, twisted, and notorious super villain tick? This 20-minute ride of horror-pleasure is steeped in darkness and will leave you with a few answers to that query while exploring the relationships and day-to-day life of Gotham’s Clown Prince of Crime, The Joker. While the story is entirely original, it bobs and weaves through the plots of both well-known comics as well as some deep-cuts for the fanboys and fangirls. There’s even dozens of Easter Eggs throughout the film for the most hardcore fans to dig for.

What's even more interesting is where this film came from: Risen from the ashes of our very own real-world Gotham, this story hails from none other than the city of Detroit. A rebel core of Hollywood cowboys - some returning to their own Motown origins - have teamed up to make this film happen in the underground of the Motor City, far away from the limelight of Tinsel Town. You'll see some names and faces you'll recognize, some names and faces you're huge fans of, and some names and faces that - hopefully - you are about to become huge fans of. With a visionary of a feature film director at the helm, and a cast that'll completely blow your mind, the film’s aim was to make a performance-driven basket of intensity until the very last frame.

One might call this a "fan film." Or one could call this an "homage" or a "tribute" to our favorite comics. But the ultimate goal of the filmmakers was to bring films made by fans to another level, ultimately leading to yet another world that comic fans can get lost in.

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