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The Circle of European BEST Engineering Competition Closes

For the 119 participants of European BEST Engineering Competition Final and all the people who worked for one year on this international project, the Journey to Belgrade comes to an end.


The Final Round of European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC) is being completed today with the Of􀏐icial Closing Day held in Diplomatic Club. EBEC Final is being conducted between the 1st and the 10th of August in Belgrade by BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) with the presence of 119 leading engineering students from all over Europe and with the support of many partners and authorities. Today is once again the time to celebrate the successful organisation of EBEC Final and most importantly the creation of new ideas, memories and opportunities for the future.

The Of􀏐icial Closing Day will start with a show, where the participants of Case Study will present the
ideas they developed in the competition and the Team Design teams will display the prototypes they
constructed. The rest of the Closing Day will be held in Diplomatic Club, starting with the Company
Day, where our partner companies will have the chance to connect with the participants and discuss
on possible common opportunities for the future. During the Closing Ceremony that will follow, the
people that coordinated this project will close the event, memories will be shared and of course the
winners will be announced.

For the last 10 days, the participants had the chance to work with their teams on creative and
cutting-edge tasks. Two out of the four Case Study tasks were provided by the task partners European
Patent Of􀏐ice and Eaton, while the 􀏐irst of the two Team Design challenges was developed in cooperation with Autodesk. The tasks were designed in such a way that urged participants to come up
with original and creative ideas, to develop their teamwork and leadership skills and to advocate for
their ideas in front of accomplished professors and professionals from the aforementioned companies.
“EBEC is the perfect representation of BEST. It encourages students to challenge their skills and it
provides them with a platform to improve their knowledge˙ this is what we do; developing students.”
says Adrien Merlier, President of BEST.

About BEST
BEST is a constantly growing, non-pro􀏐it, non-political, volunteering students’ organisation with the
mission to “Develop Students”. Being present in 95 technological universities in 33 countries, its
services on Complementary Education, Career Support and Educational Involvement reach more
than 1,300,000 students of technology. The vision of BEST is the “Empowered Diversity”, therefore it
gives students the opportunity to experience a multicultural environment and develop an international
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