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Finally, a Guide for Families Traveling to Amsterdam with Children!

Traveling doesn’t have to stop when a couple has children. However, guides rarely are geared towards couples with children. Family Friendly Amsterdam takes us on a tour of the city, with our children, as we enjoy the city.


Amsterdam, 2016 – Family Friendly Amsterdam’s author, Gessell Wolitski, has created a wonderful guide geared towards families with children. As a current resident of Amsterdam, Gessell knows all of the ins and outs of the city. She has particular knowledge about the city with children; she has a young baby in tow as she travels Europe with her husband.

Traveling with children can be exponentially more difficult than traveling with your spouse. Some of the sites you may believe are essential to see could not be geared towards children. It is a terrible thing to spend time and arrive at the location, only to discover your children will have a terrible time. Gessell has insider details into what areas of the city are best for children to visit.

A parent needs to have a plan when traveling abroad with their children. Family Friendly Amsterdam doesn’t just stop at telling you what places to visit in Amsterdam. Gessell has much more to offer. She gives you great tips on what hotels and locations are best to stay; there are some great areas your children will truly enjoy. The city known as the “Venice of the North” has something to offer for everyone.

Traveling on a budget is a reality for many families. Gessell doesn’t exclude these families; she embraces their restraints and offers real, solid advice for visiting Amsterdam on a budget. In this guide, there are recommendations for restaurants and things for do, with any size budget. On top of that, she has included plenty of general tips and tricks for traveling with children. Gessell and her husband have learned firsthand some of the difficulties and solutions for traveling with children.

About Gessell Wolitski – Gessell and her husband love to travel, and this love of traveling didn’t stop when they had their first child. She is currently living as an American expat in Amsterdam with her little family. As a new mother, she didn’t want to stop her love of traveling. Instead, Gessell dived into learning how to travel her new city with a young baby. Together, they embark on journeys all throughout Europe, to show their daughter the world.

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