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The Trend Of Buying Instagram Followers: Learn The Facts

If you’re involved in the world of blogging and internet marketing, then you should definitely be familiar with the new buying Instagram followers dilemma.


New York, U.S.A, 08/22/2016- In social media is very important to construct popularity, authority and overall a strong followers base if you're in the internet marketing field. By simply creating quality content, engaging with fans, doing a wide marketing research and providing one's followers with great stuff, one can build a large fan base made up of real people and avoid the strong temptation of buying Instagram followers and social media likes.

However, this seems to be too difficult for a lot of people that are now tending to purchase their social likes and followers for better and faster exposure. It may seem a bit surprising, said Imel Seda, CEO of Social Media Combo, "but if you see it from a marketing point of view you will soon learn that a "Big Company" with only a handful of followers may not be as big after all." And therefore that is why so many marketing firms, SEO firms, webmasters, "internet gurus", artists, singers, politicians and new website owners are demanding such social media services from pages like where is even possible to buy Twitter followers as well.

Seda also added that "the major problem with this practice is the number of companies promising 100% real Instagram followers when the truth is that 99.9% of these purchased followers are computer generated bots".

The fake Instagram followers problem has gotten so bad, in fact, that in mid 2015 Instagram said it had purged millions of fake accounts, in an effort to give more accurate numbers to their users. However, Italian security researchers say about 8% of Instagram accounts appear to be fake or simple bots and 29.9% of users appear to be inactive — posting one or fewer photos or videos in per month.

Instagram recently stated that up to 14.1 million of its more than 1 billion total users are fraudulent accounts built by overseas click-farms. Given these numbers, it’s easy to guess why celebrity social media accounts tend to buy Instagram followers and social media likes to artificially inflate their follower base and boost the appearance of popularity.

Andy Robertson a Pro internet marketer and blogger for adds his own comments: "The truth is that no one wants to start on zero and businesses with only a dozen fans on Facebook and a handful of followers on Instagram and Twitter often feel ashamed of even handling a business card to a potential customer because they don't want to give their clients the idea of "that their not so popular after all."

Jeff Bullas from said that "Buying Instagram followers is certainly not a moral issue but a personal attitude and philosophy to social media. It is up to each individual how they want to approach it."

Its also a fact that Instagram "the selfie capital of the world" isn't alone in struggling with fake accounts. Audits of Twitter followers have unearthed lots of fake accounts too, creating this the biggest dillema that social media will probably ever have.

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