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Now Published: "The Secret Harmony of Primes" by Sam Vaseghi

Unlocking the secrets of organisation in the prime number sequence; woven into a beautiful and comprehensible storyline.


The sequence of the primes is something of a mystery in number theory‚ if not in all of mathematics. Hardly any topic has ever fascinated mathematicians more. Euler once said‚ “Mathematicians have tried in vain‚ to this day‚ to discover some order in the sequence of prime numbers‚ and we have reason to believe that it is a mystery into which the mind will never penetrate”. One key question has always been: Does there exist a single‚ overarching organisational principle that accounts for why any prime follows another prime as the next largest prime in the prime sequence?

A primary aim of this book is to show that such overarching and comprehensive principles do exist and govern the entire prime sequence. To unlock these secrets of harmony‚ for the enthusiastic reader‚ it is not necessary to dive too deep into mathematics‚ but to unveil structures of organisation from different points of view.

THE SECRET HARMONY OF PRIMES was written in 2012-2015 and represents a collection of the author’s work in prime number theory throughout the last decades‚ woven into a comprehensible storyline.

SAM VASEGHI is a PhD in engineering sciences by education and holds several Masters Degrees in science and engineering. He was a scholar at Institute of Theoretical Physics and Synergetics in Stuttgart, led by Herman Haken, and a researcher at the faculty of Process Engineering at the University of Stuttgart in Germany. Along his postdoctoral carrier he was a senior analyst, later attended the Harvard Business School and served as expert advisor to the World Economic Forum in Geneva and many renowned multinationals over a decade. Born in Iran and raised in Germany, he lives in Sweden.

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