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AnyFlip Flip Book Maker is Introduced to Help Business

AnyFlip provides the free flipbook maker for the online marketers to create interactive content for online business promotion.


People who are looking to self-publish now have to option to produce their photos and content in a unique and stylish digital format with the help of Anyflip – the free flip book maker.

Anyflip makes any book or publication come alive because readers can “flip” pages and read content --just like a real book! With the help of this flip book maker, authors and businesses can make unlimited publications with just a few easy clicks. After a quick upload, people can then share their works seamlessly to their customers and readers all over the world.

A Powerful Marketing Assistant
Businesses and budding entrepreneurs can use AnyFlip to help spread the news about their companies. Whether companies or individuals are selling watches, clothing, accessories, books or other products, this flip book maker helps people sell their services by adding a unique logo onto their digital magazines. Digital creators can also add their URL website onto their publications --another inexpensive marketing tool.

Produce Unlimited Publications
Companies can cut paper costs and other expenses because AnyFlip allows users to produce unlimited publications --at no extra cost! The powerful cloud platform allows creators to store their content safely and securely. In addition, digital creators have the option to sell their publications to readers locally or internationally.

Self-Publisher’s Dream Machine
Millions of website owners now have a powerful new tool to use to market their services. The dynamic flipbook maker AnyFlip allows website owners to display all their flipbooks on their website. What’s more, bloggers and website owners can give people access to their digital publications by displaying them on a digital bookshelf. So if people want to promote their newly published work as a “Book of the Month,” or give people a choice of books to purchase or read, website owners now have that power --thanks to the amazing Anyflip.

For more about AnyFlip, please go to AnyFlip Homepage.

About AnyFlip:

AnyFlip develops the innovative publishing software for everyone to deliver the interactive content online. Right now, AnyFlip has won the support of over 30,000 customers in more than 130 countries.

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