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Photon Biomedical to Present at VR/AR With The Best Conference

Photon Biomedical, an industry leader in augmented reality solutions for medical education and pharmaceutical industries, will be presenting at VR/AR With the Best Conference on December 3rd, 2016.


Philadelphia, PA – October 1, 2016 – Photon Biomedical, LLC is proud to announce that it will be presenting at the VR/AR With The Best Conference a talk entitled “Touching The Human Neuron: Augmented Reality Visualization of Cellular Structures Using zStack Data Sets in Clinical Research and Medical Education”. The day 2 global conference December 3rd to 4th is the biggest developer conference series empowering 1,000+ developers from around the world looking to sharpen their development skills, with two days of multiple tech talks from the brightest creators, scientists, developers and CTO’s in the Augmented and Virtual Reality industry.

Photon Biomedical is the industry leader in developing custom medical education and pharmaceutical training applications using augmented reality (AR), as well as more traditional forms of medical illustration and animation. “Everyone at Photon is thrilled to be a part of this great AR/VR conference and we hope to be able to connect with some great developers and to highlight the incredible potential of AR in healthcare,” said Scott Riddle, co-founder of Photon Biomedical. “We see the current explosion of public interest in AR in the success this summer of Pokemon Go and believe that this technology platform opens up so many exciting new avenues in medical education and healthcare marketing that it will increasingly become the gold standard moving forward.”

Photon Biomedical will be presenting their findings and participating in a Q&A session on their peer-reviewed article coming out in the next edition of the Journal of Biomedical Communications. The article reports on a prototype that allows for real-time interaction with high-resolution cellular modules using GLASS© technology. The prototype was developed using zStack data sets which allow for real-time interaction of low polygon and direct surface models exported from primary source imaging. This paper also discusses potential educational and clinical applications of a wearable, interactive, user-centric, augmented reality visualization of cellular structures.

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