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WBC World Featherweight Champion, Gary Russell, Jr. - Sets the Record Straight

WBC World Featherweight Champion Gary Russell, Jr. sets the record straight about his professional boxing career.


October 12, 2016 (Capital Heights, MD) - “This is why I don't like doing interviews because my comments during interviews get manipulated and twisted around. I've been sitting back just to see how far this ridiculous article will go" said frustrated WBC World Featherweight Champion Gary Russell, Jr.

Recently, Gary Russell, Jr. did an interview with to promote his September 13th Team Russell All-Star Amateur Boxing show in Maryland. The article was supposed to highlight the work that brothers of Team Russell are doing to mentor young gifted amateur boxers across the country.

Instead, the entire article had a negative undertone that took shots at Russell's advisor Al Haymon. Russell felt the need to address the article, starting with the title "Gary Russell Jr. Pushes for Higher Purse" is not true. Russell said, "Yes, in another three years I could end my career so being smart financially is important. But, again, that has nothing to do with Al Haymon".

It is no secret that before Russell fought Patrick Hyland this past April, he got cut during sparring which is why he had not been in the ring. Russell said, "There was no need, is no need to reference other professional athletes and their careers. As fighters, we all have a mutual respect for not getting involved in one another's business affairs. I felt like my platform was used as a pawn to promote negativity with Al and among other Haymon fighters".

The article also said, "Russell was careful to make sure his comments weren't construed as criticism of Haymon" This was apparently an obvious hidden agenda to create tension within the household. "My father taught us; real men say what is on their mind, use real words, no reason to tip-toe around. The essence our character is loyalty and truth. I'm offended at how my words were twisted to assassinate someone's character; this goes against all my families beliefs. Unless paid me, I would never do another interview with them" said Russell.

Russell closed by saying, ”Team Russell's relationship goes beyond just boxing with Al; he is family. We've been more than happy with the decisions made collectively regarding the direction of my professional career. We value his opinion and input. Let me be very clear, no one within the Team Russell circle would ever speak negatively about Al in any way - family business stays in-house.”


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