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Immigrant’s Nightmare A Board Game and APP for Kids Designed by Kids

Immigrant’s Nightmare A Board Game and APP for Kids Designed by Kids Launching of Crowdfunding Campaign on


Great Falls, VA – October 28, 2016 – Immigrant’s Nightmare a is a board game and mobile App created by Aidan and Daniel, two young entrepreneurs and brothers who want to show the world what happens if you build a wall to stop immigration. The mission of the board game and App is to create ways that will allow more dialogue on this topic and foster understanding.

In June 2016, Aidan, a 9-year old student, was assigned to create a board game for his 4th grade school project. He noticed the heated political climate and the longing by some candidates of the 2016 Presidential Election to build a wall between Mexico and the United States of America. However, it was a very controversial topic, so he decided to base his project on it to arouse laughter and hysteria within his classroom. With help from his brother, Daniel, 13, and his mother, Sarah, he made the game. The result was a messy prototype with a makeshift wall surrounding the US in the middle, with four “immigrant” countries at each corner.

When Aidan turned in the project, it was rejected for the controversial topics it presented. Still, he thought that his message should be spread to others and his mother and brother agreed to turn his idea into a company. They began to perfect the game and write more intricate rules, carefully keeping the tone lighthearted and humorous. In the game, a fictitious character, Benjamin Montana, represents the President who allowed for the construction of the wall. Now with the entire game set up, this project is in much need of funding to turn the prototypes into products ready for global distribution.

The board game and mobile App were designed with a mission in mind. Immigrant’s Nightmare hopes to bring awareness to this global issue and act as a fun teaching tool. It sheds light on the real struggles of immigrants globally and focuses on the positive ways they contribute to the host countries that inevitably become their homes.

Aidan, Daniel and Sarah have launched their crowdfunding campaign through Interested supporters can contribute on the fundraising page, For more information, visit


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