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Star Trek Fans and Sticker Enthusiasts Have New Stickers to Add to Their Collections


Austin, Texas – November 4, 2016 Bye Bye,Robot is announcing the launch of two new Star Trek collectable sticker sheets created by Star Trek’s own Michael Okuda.

As Star Trek's lead graphic designer, with the franchise from Star Trek: The Next Generation through Star Trek: Enterprise and seven Star Trek feature films, Michael Okuda is the ultimate expert in Star Trek graphics. He is personally responsible for most of the graphics that made the shows so unique. Some of his work you might recognize includes the LCARS graphics seen on computer and display screens, and the capsule-shaped panel identification labels found on everything from turbolift doors to storage areas. It is these capsule-shaped labels that are now officially available to fans for the first time ever.

When asked about the origin of the design of the new stickers Okuda says, “I used those labels everywhere on the Enterprise-D, as well as on most of the other Starfleet ships on those shows. I think fans recognize it as part of the visual identity of 24th century Starfleet. When we put those labels on the props and set dressing, they suddenly looked like they belonged on the Starship Enterprise. The fine print on the capsule labels was never intended to be legible on screen, so we used to fill them with goofy gags for our amusement and for the amusement of the cast and crew. Of course, the fans found out about the gags, so when we had fans visiting the set, they'd always look for them, because they were in on our little joke.”

Given that there were so many different uses for these iconic labels within the shows, Bye Bye, Robot chose to focus on two distinct themes for the first two sets. The first sheet offers labels within a personal device theme that can be used in a fan’s daily life, including Library Computer Access And Retrieval System (personal computers), Personal Access Display Device (tablet devices), and Personal Communicator (cell phones). The second sheet offers labels within a personal spaces theme; including Crew Quarters, Personal Hygiene Facility, and Garment Stowage Facility.

“We are thrilled to be working with Michael Okuda on these new stickers. It’s incredibly exciting for us to be announcing these labels because they embody so much of the very atmosphere of Starfleet. As with the original labels, found in the shows, these labels also contain inside jokes that fans of Star Trek will recognize immediately. These wonderfully familiar labels are the first in what we anticipate to be a large run of items in the new Michael Okuda: Signature Series,” mentions Bye Bye, Robot Co-Founder Charity Wood.

The new sticker sheets have been designed for both collection and actual use. The three labels within each sheet are removable for actual use or can be left in place and displayed as a single unit. They are printed on 4x6” sized durable vinyl that is UV and weather resistant. This, in conjunction with a strong adhesive backing, allows the stickers to be used indoors or outdoors. The overall 4x6” size also allows for easy display as a collectable, as it falls within standard postcard sizes.

Under license by CBS Consumer Products, each sticker sheet is printed on UV and weather resistant, durable vinyl and is priced at $9.99 each. They are available in the U.S.A. for purchase, beginning today, from at the price listed above, plus shipping.
*Not hand autographed. The included signature is part of the print series theme.

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About Michael Okuda

Michael Okuda was Star Trek's lead graphic designer from Star Trek: The Next Generation through Star Trek: Enterprise, and on all of the movies made in that period. He was responsible for the control panels, computer screens, alien writing, symbols, and signage on all those shows. That work earned him screen credit on more Star Trek than anyone except Gene Roddenberry. His other credits include Clint Eastwood's Sully. As a big fan of the real space program, Mike has also done numerous emblems and logos for NASA, including the crew patch for the STS-125 mission of Space Shuttle Atlantis to the Hubble Space Telescope. Mike's work has earned him three Emmy nominations for Best Visual Effects, plus NASA's Exceptional Public Service Medal. Along with his wife, Denise, Mike is co-author of the newly-updated The Star Trek Encyclopedia.

About Bye Bye Robot, LLC

Founded in 2011 by Charity and Chris Wood, Bye Bye Robot is an independent publisher of art. Currently, they are a licensed seller of original works of art based on all of Gene Roddenberry’s live action Star Trek™ TV series plus Original Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation movies. Bye Bye Robot is dedicated to creating deeply immersive, visually spectacular pieces of art that will amaze and inspire viewers for generations.

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