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LIVE Open House Downtown Los Angeles Loft Tour on Facebook LIVE

Corey Chambers will be broadcasting Downtown’s real estate open house LIVE tour Wednesday, November 9 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM. The broadcast will be transmitted using Periscope and Facebook LIVE and can be toured in person at 108 W 2nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012.


Corey Chambers, the Los Angeles real estate agent known for buying Downtown L.A. lofts for cash, will be broadcasting Downtown’s real estate open house LIVE tour. Viewers can tune in to watch at on Wednesday, November 9 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM. The broadcast will be transmitted using Periscope and Facebook LIVE. Prospective home buyers can also come to the open house in person at 108 W 2nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

“The tour will share the latest on what the Downtown L.A. renaissance is all about,” Chambers said. “As a live home tour, viewers worldwide will get the chance to see what is really happening right now in the most exciting place on Earth.” This will mark the 3rd time that Corey Chambers has done this type of open house on Periscope and Facebook LIVE video streaming. The pilot premiere show co-starred actress Brandi Price, and the high-tech real estate publicity event led to the sale of a $1.1 million condo in the same building. A resounding success, that transaction was the largest successful sale in the building since 2007, and the sale was made 56% faster than the recent average in the building. After that, Chambers attracted 1,085 LIVE viewers to this very modern kind of open house.

Chambers originally decided to do the LIVE webcast open house because he believes that most real estate agents just do the ABC’s of real estate, and they don’t implement the latest technologies to their fullest. He noticed that what should have been a popular loft that was listed by another agent had taken more than 100 days to sell because the real estate agent Multiple Listing Service was the only significant marketing tool, which is a “notoriously lazy way to market real estate” according to Chambers. In addition to the live open house tour on Periscope, Chambers, who is a veteran computer and satellite systems specialist in the U.S. Air Force, publishes the L.A. Loft Blog, provides the largest number of unlisted lofts and condos for sale in Downtown, and offers the latest technology to buyers and sellers (at no cost to buyers) such as heat map software that instantly shows which homes have positive cash flows, which unlisted properties are likely to sell next, and which properties are in distress and are likely to sell for a bargain price.

Recently, an even grander condominium unit was listed by another agent for 6 months without attracting a single showing. After Chambers was hired to correct the situation, he branded the property with its own domain name,, and then conducted a LIVE webcast open house. The property attracted dozens of in-person viewers plus 1,085 LIVE web attendees, making one of the largest attendances for a residential condominium open house ever. Best of all, the property has received offers, and is certain sell for one of the highest sale prices in the building since 2007.

Chambers actually guarantees the sale of homes, and also guarantees in writing that home buyers will love their new home or he will buy it back. The seller and Corey must agree on price and time of possession.

Sponsored by the L.A. Loft Blog, the upcoming LIVE open house webcast will dramatize this aggressive style. It will take place at the historic Higgins Building in Downtown L.A. It’s not, however, merely a show and tell about a single home for sale. The tour, also a mini TV show with questions and answers called “Downtown Scope,” will also reveal how to avoid the 5 biggest mistakes in Downtown real estate, as well as tips on how to make the most of the hot Downtown L.A. market. The viewer with best question about Downtown or real estate wins a $25 Amazon gift certificate.

With high ceilings, original concrete floor, oversized industrial windows and a rooftop deck with dramatic views of the Downtown skyline, the loft can be previewed at

The L.A. Loft Blog is Downtown’s authority on residential real estate. Interview requests should be directed to with Downtown Scope in the subject line, or call 213-478-0499

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