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New York Psychic Accurately Predicts Election Outcome.. and more

One of the nation's top psychics accurately predicted Trump would win the election. In spite of the polls, pundits and press, Internationally known psychic Lady Fontaine Trumps the naysayers with her accurate election predictions.


When Lady Fontaine publicly came out with her prediction many months ago that Donald J Trump would win the presidential election most people thought she was nuts. But she was 100% sure he would win. About a week before the election she woke up with a very clear picture of what the electoral map would look like. As she describes it on her facebook page and website 'it was almost solid red with a few blue speckles around the edges'. She publicly came out and gave her prediction that not only would Donald Trump win the election but it would be by a landslide. Privately she told some people that she wasn't sure how he would pull it off but it was very evident to her that Trump was going to be the 45th president of United States of America. His win would be not only remarkable but historically memorable.

Lady Fontaine sees the next 4 years as being a prosperous and successful era for America. He'll make mistakes, every president does but he's also going to surprise a lot of naysayers.

Not only did she correctly predict the winner of the presidential election but she privately told many of her friends to sit tight there would be several October surprises. She correctly predicted the exact day that Director Comey would come out with his statement that he was reopening the email investigation against Hillary Clinton.

So in January of this year when she predicted that Obama would pardon Hillary many thought she was wrong. She smiles now as the rumors spread that perhaps Obama will pardon Hillary.

When asked if Lady Fontaine was a supporter of Donald Trump from the beginning she shakes her head no and her eyes widen as she says 'absolutely not'! But she knows that this was Trump's destiny and it's the future for the American people.

Often called the best Wall Street psychic and America's Number One Love Psychic Lady Fontaine is known for her accuracy and honesty. She has been a professional psychic with an international clientele for over 30 years. For over 20 years she has worked with forensic teams throughout the country. She's been interviewed on top radio shows such as Mancow Muller where she correctly predicted on the air many events that have come to pass.

Checkout Lady fontaine's website and Facebook page for new predictions including Ivanka Trump being the first female president of the United States of America. Lady Fontaine explains what Ivanka's role will be during President elects first 4 years as well as her future presidential run.

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