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Doing Good, Nashville-Based Nonprofit, Strives to Increase Volunteerism in Communities & Plans to Increase Initiative with Funds Earned with Current Fundraiser

Doing Good serves as a hub for volunteer opportunities, celebrate those who do good, & share stories to inspire people to get involved. Fundraiser is going on to help raise funds to increase this initiative and improve communities.


Doing Good, a nonprofit, strives to increase the number of community volunteers through shared stories, celebrating those who do good, and by providing a central place for people to get information on ways to get involved in their community and has for the past 2 years.

To be able to continue and increase this initiative, Doing Good is participating in a fundraising campaign offering coupons & deals in over 300,000 stores locally & nationally, unlimited yearly use via mobile device for only $23.99 while over 50% goes directly back to support Doing Good at $12.50.

To get a Zap Access Card or to make a difference and volunteer, supporters may go to:

Doing Good believes everyone can make a difference! In fact, millions of volunteers already impact their communities! Yet, the statistics say not everyone volunteers. To increase this number, Doing Good is sharing real stories of real people who make a real difference in their communities through the media to educate & inspire more to volunteer. Doing Good also serves as a hub for finding volunteer opportunities to get involved in.

Contact Info
Doing Good
2324 Alteras Drive Nashville, TN 37211

Phone: 888-789-4383