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Musician & Internet Celebrity Aaron Dissell releases hilarious "Broke As A Joke" Music Video.

"Aaron is VERY Talented. This will be stuck in your head ALL DAY LONG." -Scott Taylor, ABC News.


Aaron Dissell is notable for producing popular acts including Machine Gun Kelly, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, their Children, Bloodline Harmony, and Cleveland Kidnapping Survivor; Michelle Knight. He also Co-Stars in "Husky Puppy Argues with Aaron Dissell and Puts Foot In Mouth", a Viral Video with over 20 Million Views.

His latest release, Broke As a Joke, is a catchy pop song with a Music Video. (

"I started writing the lyrics years ago. I was living in Hollywood, flat broke, eating Ramen noodle sandwiches.

Everyone was in a bad mood so I played a cheesy keyboard riff and started rapping the first verse. Everyone went from gloom to laughing. I knew it could brighten up someones day who was down in the dumps because it's played in a happy key. People always said the song would be great for a video and we finally made one." Says Dissell.

The song is produced by Aaron, with guitar arrangements from Brian Boland, and Mastered by Dr. Dre's secret weapon, Brian "Big Bass" Gardner.

The video was directed by Michael Turner, who works at Paramount Pictures
as Web and Video Specialist on the Dr. Phil Show.

"It was an Honor directing the video. I'll admit, I was hesitant when he first asked me.
The song is not only good, but his production quality is intimidating. I couldn't be
happier with how it turned out." Says Turner.

"Broke As a Joke" features Brian "BirdyWorm" Boland playing Guitar and a cameo from Actress Julie Clarisse Herold, who turns down Aaron in disgust when he attempts to charm her with a broken flower wearing in his high water pleated khakis.


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