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STEM Emoji By CharmPosh App Tops iTunes Holiday Coding Gifts

The ultimate tech gift under $2 bucks in the App Store that can hold kids' attention with creativity sharing interactions.


(Atlanta, Georgia) - Holiday tech smart toys from coding to robots are in highest demand. today announced STEM Emoji By CharmPosh app created in the heart of Silicon Peach, Atlanta's tech scene now available in iTunes and is a top holiday coding gift for boys and girls.

Conducting intense data science research sought to develop the ultimate emoji sticker app for exclusively Apple's App Store. Already having a worldwide following is the leading mobile on-the-go platform for best things parents heart for kids, baby, fashion, family, and travel. Also offering a full service travel zone to book over 100,000 hotels directly from digital website platform.

Taking the lead direction from Charm, the 11 year old founder of since 2008 with the help of her mother CR Cataunya Ransom and a dedicated team of kids lifestyle Evangelism Marketing experts. Where Charm herself attends a S.T.E.M focused school and takes coding as a foreign language.

The team focused on a vision for creating STEM Emoji By CharmPosh app exclusively for Apple's App Store to engage with iMessage and iOS 10 platform. Charm already being an avid gamer pro at Minecraft and huge fan she encouraged a concept for an emoji sticker app centered around S.T.E.M creativity text sharing entertainment. Which STEM Emoji By CharmPosh app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Apple devices available in over 84 countries around the world.

A study conducted by Common Sense Media back in 2013 revealed that 38 percent of kids even under age 2 were using tablets and smartphones before they could connect sentences together. Which as many as 40 percent use iPads before learning to speak. Where today 6 billion emoticons or stickers are sent every day through mobile devices, pioneering a new learning language.

Other researchers last year found that a third of pre-school kids in the U.K. actually have their own iPad dedicating on average one hour and a total of 19 minutes everyday during the week. Also Northwestern University recent study reveals students who share digital devices actually do better academically than their peers who have their own devices or no devices at all.

STEM Emoji By CharmPosh app celebrates the love of science, technology, engineering, and math that allows kids to send text messages through sharing interactions exclusively inside iMessage with S.T.E.M emoji sticker expressions. Presenting a text sharing communications for creativity engagement and social interaction. Integrating with iMessage functionality to make texting options more entertaining. A superiority invention for the most credible emoji keyboard iMessage app for creative S.T.E.M expressions including diversity options for both boys and girls.'s business psychoanalyst adviser projects that STEM Emoji By CharmPosh app is on track to receive 750,000 to over 1.5 million downloads through purchases inside Apple's App Store for the Holiday 2016 shopping season. With the cost being only $1.99 under $2 bucks already makes it the best value holiday coding gift idea favorite worldwide. Where shoppers can easily send STEM Emoji By CharmPosh app as an gift to any child around the world directly from the Apple Store. Even scheduling the specific date for desired digital delivery.

The upcoming movie Hidden Figures focuses on three black female mathematicians working at NASA during the days of Jim Crow and the civil rights movement. This further proves the importance of educating girls in areas of S.T.E.M technology. Advancing into a push for all girls to study in fields of science, technology, engineering, and math.

To send the coolest unique holiday coding gift hurry to purchase STEM Emoji By CharmPosh App for only $1.99, the ultimate emoji sticker app exclusively for Apple's App Store:

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