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New Cutting Edge Addiction Recovery Program

In Time for Those Holiday Blues, Online Addiction Recovery Training Leader, LiveFree offers Clients New ways to Recover during Season. LiveFree has new cutting edge programs to help people recover at home, and now has offered free private classes during season.


Addiction Recovery leader, LiveFree is announcing special help for those struggling with addiction during the holiday season. “The Holiday season can be extremely challenging for people struggling with drug and alcohol issues, for many reasons: Stress of family, extra parties, more temptation, and of course maybe being away from home”, said Dr. William Horton, Creative Protocol Director for LiveFree. “Also people who want to keep their recovery private may be challenged with facing new social situations in a stressful time”

LiveFree is an cutting edge online recovery training hosted on secure servers that allows people to get better from home, or as Dr. Horton states: “Those that get better where they are have a better success rate, as you can tackle issues as the appear, not after the fact”

LiveFree is a Supporting member of The National Association of Addiction Counselors and brings new Neuro Restructuring Techniques which uses Hypnosis, NLP, CBT, and EFT to help you change from the inside out. LiveFree helps clients where they are, in a way they can keep it private. LiveFree also stays out of the insurance trap so their clients are not labeled with an addiction, or mental issue which may stay with them for years, so they keep their costs down.

LiveFree is a part of LIVERICH based in Florida, helping people recover worldwide.

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