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UK Property Finance Highlights the Potential Value of Secured Personal Loans for Prospective Borrowers

Leading British Broker Advises Borrowers to Consider All Options, Before Choosing Financial Services or Products


A leading independent broker based in the United Kingdom has warned prospective borrowers not to overlook the potential value of secured loans, when out to obtain financing for any purpose. According to the team at UK Property Finance, the vast majority of borrowers instinctively apply for unsecured personal loans, without first checking what might be available in the form of a secured personal loan.

The only difference between a secured and unsecured loan in terms of qualification is that you must have the required collateral to back up the loan. Usually secured on a home or property, it is also necessary to have a good credit record and satisfy other criteria when applying for a secured loan. However, when a loan is secured on property of any kind, it is often possible to obtain much higher sums, gain access to lower interest rates and perhaps gain access to the funds significantly quicker.

Higher Value Loans

“Unlike personal loans, which are typically only available to those with good credit histories, a secured loan enables you to borrow a much higher amount and the interest rates are normally much lower as the lender knows that the repayments are protected. Of course, it is important to remember that failure to meet the repayments on time could mean that your home is at risk – so you need to make sure that your payment plan is realistic. Although some borrowers might be better off remortgaging, their homes to raise funds, some mortgages have large exit fees and therefore are a more expensive option. Secured loans tend to be a much cheaper alternative in terms of interest rates. If you are looking to borrow £25,000 upwards and you have sufficient equity in your property then UK Property Finance are here to help!” - UK Property Finance

Secured personal loans have the potential to be uniquely high in value in two ways. Along with allowing access to larger sums of money, they can also represent unrivalled value for money. Unlike mortgages and similar financial products, secured loans can be repaid over a shorter period, without running the risk of facing heavy exit fees.
As such, prior to applying for any type of financial product when a larger sum is required, UK Property Finance firmly believes that a secured personal loan should be considered.

Clear Advantages

“Provided you can make the repayments on time and you borrow sensibly, a secured loan can be an exceptionally useful source of finance. Secured loans can be used for many reasons including home improvements and debt consolidation. The loan itself can be taken out over a period of 1 to 25 years and the interest rates are typically in the region of 5 to 6% per year. Depending on your credit rating and other personal circumstances, your chances of being approved are generally quite high.” - UK Property Finance

UK Property Finance specialises in the kinds of alternative, intelligent financial products you simply will not gain access to via a major bank or lender. 100% independent, UK Property Finance works with service providers across the country to guarantee the lowest rates, the highest quality of service and the most agreeable terms, without exception.

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About UK Property Finance:

UK Property Finance is a fully independent, FCA regulated organisation specialising in intelligent financial products and advice for property buyers and developers. The company also operates, which is Britain’s leading name in the arrangement and brokerage of intelligent financial solutions. Though newly formed, this dynamic group of businesses has already earned a strong reputation up and down the UK among private property buyers and commercial developers alike.

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