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What is Agile Development? Software Defined Networking and Digital Me

In the ever-advancing world of digital technology, you may ask yourself, “What is agile development?”


In the ever-advancing world of digital technology, you may ask yourself, “What is agile development?” The answer is complex but in short, the agile development model is what is helping businesses and organisations around the world continue to operate while keeping up with the warp-speed pace of technological change. It is through the right agile development strategy, as well as the elaboration of an agile development team, that businesses can keep up, but it’s not just that simple. A key aspect in agile development is maintaining a network that is adaptable to the transformation. Practice Leader, Colin Williams, describes how Computacenter focuses their approach on building a software defined network, which ultimately enables digital transformation into agile networks across the business.

As Colin explains, while an agile development model can successfully contribute to accelerated speed of development and time to market, as well as potentially reduced development costs, it can only do so if all technological arenas subject to transformation are included in the strategy. For Computacenter, this means the inclusion of the most notable arenas of networking and security. As application development teams, IT operations functions, and business teams gravitate toward one another in preparation for making a shift to an agile framework, the most critical element in determining success is network readiness. A network that is highly reliable and functional is not enough—it must also be able to facilitate and accelerate the agile journey.

Ultimately, this means that software defined networking comes to the forefront of the process of digital transformation and incorporation of an agile development model. As Computacenter defines this, and as they have put it into practice with their people-based digitisation approach, Digital Me, it is networking optimised by the use of software to increase programmability and automation. Programmability leads to increased personalisation, meaning people can customise their virtual desktops to meet their specific work style needs, and automation means enhanced consistency and efficiency, the effects of which will echo across the entire organisation.

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