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Native American Rapper Komplex Kai Takes A Stand On “Do Right”

Northwestern Pacific’s Tulalip Tribe member, Komplex Kai, has just release “Do Right” and with the ongoing protests in progress at North Dakota’s Standing Rock his timing could not have been more on point.


Komplex Kai, a proud member of the Northwestern Pacific’s Tulalip Tribes, has been described as the Native American Tupac, blending classic west coast beats with raw east coast lyrical tones. His hip-hop name is a reference to a youth who embraces the complexities of the world around him.

Much of his work is inspired by what he experienced while growing up on the Tulalip Indian Reservation. Growing up as an Indigenous person in a modern world, the pain of being raised without his father, and eventually, becoming a father. Of the many reasons he feels compelled to create, that of leaving a musical legacy for his children is a driving force within him.

Earlier works include “About the Rez” which was a call to the youth around him to embrace their indigenous identities. This song has often been called the Tulalip Anthem. It was followed by “Perfect World”, “Invisible Race”, “What’s Done Is Done”, and now his current release “Do Right”. With the ongoing protests in progress at North Dakota’s Standing Rock, Komplex Kai’s timing could not have been more on point.

A North American radio and press campaign has been launched to promote “Do Right” and is anticipated to not only pop up on regional radio charts but to appear as well on national radio airplay charts as it steadily ascends to the top of broadcaster’s playlists. The heat that Kai has been building is also fueled by his weekly “Freestyle Friday” shows on his YouTube channel (

As of this time Komplex Kai is available for interviews and/or appearances. His press-kit will be provided upon request to all members of the media (just use the media contact information provided below). News, updates and additional information may also be found at:

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