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7 Tips On Choosing The Right Paving Stones For Your Project

Spend some extra effort in making solid selections in paving stones, also called pavers, for your outdoor areas and you’ll be sure to increase the value - and enjoyment - of your home.


Woodbury, NJ – December 20, 2016 - We want to dress our homes to impress. Good design choices are the key to upping the wow factor of any space. Spend some extra effort in making solid selections in paving stones, also called pavers, for your outdoor areas and you’ll be sure to increase the value - and enjoyment - of your home. Here are 7 tips for choosing the right pavers for your Hardscape.

1. Get the right pavers for the area. Where will you be installing your pavers? A driveway with vehicle traffic may need different pavers than a pool deck. A small walk or patio would likely use a different scale of paver than a large patio. Does your township have impervious coverage restrictions? You may need to consider an environmentally-friendly permeable paver system.

2. Get the square footage and take pictures of the areas where you are considering installing pavers. Make notes on how they are or will be used. This information will help determine which paver is best for your Hardscaping project.

3. Determine your budget and then visit a distributor who sells pavers. Distributors typically have displays and can provide you cost estimates for the pavers and other materials you will need for the installation.

4. Decide between DIY or professional help. Pavers are popular with do-it-yourselfers because they are manufactured for easy installation and are made to last. If the project is small and you have access to the right machines and tools, DIY may be a great money saver. Large projects like driveways, pool decks, and outdoor kitchens are probably best left to licensed professionals. Your timeline is also a factor. If you have a big event like a wedding coming up, you’ll want to find a professional who can get the job done efficiently and on time. A distributor or paver manufacturer can recommend professional installers for you.

5. Consider your home’s exterior color when choosing pavers. You’ll want to enhance the overall curb appeal of your home with complementary colors, not overwhelm the landscape with too much of one hue. For example, designers discourage brick homeowners from installing brick pavers because a sea of red brick is not the best look. Grays fade into the background and make a brick home stand out. View the paver manufacturer’s catalog and website to find completed paver projects that are of a style and color scheme similar to yours. Find a few options that will work and read through the other steps to help you narrow down more choices.

6. Observe sun and shade effects on the area. Direct sun will bounce off lighter colors but be absorbed by darker ones. Dark colors also seem darker when shaded or at night. Too much sun on bright pavers could make them seem washed out. Too little sun on dark pavers can make your Hardscape seem gloomy. A general rule is to install light pavers in shaded areas and dark pavers in sunny ones, but you must consider the usage of the space. Places that will be traversed by bare feet (e.g. pool decks) usually are lighter in color because they don’t retain as much heat as darker pavers.

7. Capture the feel and style of the space. Pavers come in so many shapes, sizes, colors and styles that your personal aesthetic can be matched perfectly. Do you want a space that is bright and energetic or are you looking to evoke a serene and cool scene? Smooth pavers bring out a modern touch while rough-edged paving stones create a more rustic feel. Aside from color and texture, paver design can also come alive in the infinite options of lines, arcs and patterns in installation. A designer can assist you in matching your personal tastes with your space. Many contractors offer design along with build services.

Buy only the best pavers. Remember: not all pavers are equal. Pavers are manufactured concrete and vary widely in quality. Do your research. A difference in price may be a signal about quality, but the best way to determine that is to see an installation after a few months and a few years. Ask neighbors and friends for their experiences with different manufacturers.

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