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Peterborough Music School Offers Dance Lessons in Peterborough

Peterborough Music School offers dance lessons at its School located in Shrewsbury Avenue. The accent is on making the learning experience a pleasurable, engaging and immersive one. Anyone can join the classes that are held on Saturdays and Sundays, even working people and retired people not to speak of children.


Peterborough Music School conducts dance lessons and dance classes along with drama lessons at its Shrewsbury Avenue based school in Woodston, Peterborough. According to a spokesperson of the school, the Rising Stars Musical Theatre and Dance classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays and each class lasts for about 60 to 90 minutes. The class is focused on teaching children of age 5 and above the basics of musical dance and theatre in an enjoyable, immersive way. Of course, anyone can join and learn to dance to pop or jazz tunes and participate in musical drama training sessions.

Peterborough dance lessons are conducted by Vicky Morse, the principal tutor of the dance classes. Vicky is a graduate of the Midland Academy of Dance and Drama and she has played an important part in professional productions like Aladdin and West Side Story to mention just a couple. She currently tours the UK with her own group and also spares time for the kids of Peterborough. She loves her career but her time with the kids is something she values. Parents and kids like the engaging way she sets about instilling the basics of dance and drama into impressionable young minds.

Classes are timed conveniently for students and rates are quite affordable, starting at £5.00 for an hour’s session or 8 for 90 minutes, a reasonable amount well within everyone’s means. However, children receive infinitely more in return.

Children get to know each other and the tutor gives them a brief background on what they are about to learn. Then they go on to learn basic steps in sync with pop or jazz. They learn the difference between pop and jazz and how to learn to move their body to the tune and let it flow into them even as they let their body flow to the music. There is progression as they go along as the music dance lesson evolves to drama and they get to become part of a music drama production that they also help to design. It can be engrossing and immersive for children.

“We firmly believe that the musical theatre training contributes immensely to help building a child’s personality and character. He may or may not develop a serious interest but the body-mind coordination and rhythmic grace of musical dance movements stay with him for life,” concluded the principal.

Peterborough Music School on Shrewsbury Avenue in Woodston, Peterborough, teaches musical dance drama to children of the area and you are welcome to contact them by phone 01733 685595 or email them

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