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Revolutionary substitute for batteries

Denmark, - January 3. 2017 - TEGnology, a Danish company announces a game changer in heat recovery. Newly developed, it opens the door to high volume applications not possible before.


TEGnology launches the FLIPTEM 36 as a replacement for batteries. After a period of research and development, the company is now selling components. The FLIPTEM 36 is the device that changes heat loss into electric power. The unique feature is mass-production allowing an extremely competitive price.

Substituting the battery for an energy harvester is very attractive. The device never needs changing. This alone is a huge advantage for sensors in difficult to access locations. For example, a wireless temperature sensor.

Thermoelectric materials convert waste heat into electricity. The phenomenon has been studied for decades and now TEGnology holds the key to commercial exploitation. Previous attempts have suffered from either poor efficiency, high cost, and / or, most importantly, raw material scarcity.

“Our search for efficient, available and sustainable thermoelectric materials lead us to combining common raw materials in a new way. Because the materials are readily available it means we do not suffer supply limitations that effect the current alternatives used today. Our process produces materials with exceptional thermal and electrical properties perfect for energy harvesting,” Quote; Dr Hao Yin, Materials expert at TEGnology.

TEGnology’s introduction of new, scalable thermoelectric devices is endorsed by many leading experts. This is the first step in creating an affordable, widespread technology to upcycle waste heat to useful electricity. TEGnology has the resource, knowledge and experience to take these materials from laboratory to market.

”These materials play a central role in our present and future products” – Flemming Bjoern Hansen, TEGnology founder. CEO Paul Egginton adds, “TEGnology’s goal is to deliver value to our customers by identifying the best thermoelectric materials for harvesting of waste heat. We do this by optimising efficiency and simultaneously reducing costs.”

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TEGnology upcycles waste heat to useful electrical power. TEGnology is the leading company in the world within industrial thermoelectric materials and modules.
Our attractive prices for mass-produced products provide a rapid ROI by harvesting free electricity from waste heat. Deployed on a vehicle, fuel efficiency increases by up to 10%. All this adds up to reduce customer operating costs.

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