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2017-01-12 Print estimates 2017 is an opportune time to raise capital. – the global leader in private and public offering document preparation – estimates 2017 is an opportune time to raise capital.


On behalf of our staff at and our entire capital markets and private funding advisory team, allow us to extend best wishes to you, your family and your associates for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017.

This year, as we do at the outset of each calendar year, our CEO/CFO/CCO clients look to us to share a forward-looking perspective regarding the capital formation landscape in major and emerging market countries. Included in our analysis is a snapshot of regulatory issues and best practices for those who seek to raise capital via a private placement (equity, debt or a combination thereof) and/or public float of shares.

Our Platforms: Towards our providing added-value to above initiatives, I invite you to review our following services; each of which are supported by in-house finance industry veterans and dedicated securities attorneys. All offer aggressively-competitive fees vs. those imposed by traditional law firms and/or investment banks; hundreds of which ‘outsource’ their work to us.

• Prospectus Writing
• Private Placement Memorandum
• Offering Circulars and Offering Memoranda
• Feasibility Studies and Business Plans
• Listing Services (full service) on any of the world’s major global stock exchanges
• OTC Services & Pink Sheets: OTC aka Pink Market Listed Company “rehabilitation services”

Partnership & Affiliate Professional Program: Hundreds of companies, law firms, fund managers, broker dealers and investment banks worldwide – from Hong Kong to Los Angeles to Riyadh to London – have opted to “outsource” prospectus and offering memorandum document writing to us – as well as many ancillary services that we provide for two critical reasons:

1. Our professional affiliate network is comprised of financial industry veterans and securities lawyers who are domain experts.

2. Our fees are significantly lower than other service providers and our turnaround time for work completion is unmatched. It’s an excellent way to add additional revenue streams to your business and increase your product and service offering(s).


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We pride ourselves for providing truly personal service in every engagement. Please reach back to me directly, or if easier, contact the appropriate regional office to schedule a conference call or on-site consultation to discuss your capital raising needs.

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