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Elite Capital Assets Announces Attendance at Quant World Canada 2017

Elite Capital Assets confirms it will be sending two of its top financial analysts to the event to ensure the firm continually stays abreast of new trends in the financial markets.


Jared Akers – Partner and Director of Research & Analysis at Elite Capital said, “We have a large budget for upgrading our IT this year and we are particularly looking forward to the Investing in IT section. We have already invested a lot of time and resources into Big Data that helps us get a better understanding of global events that affect the stock markets of the world”.
Mr Akers went on to say, “We envisage big data will have a major impact on investment firms over the coming years, we aim to be leading players in the advancement of this technology by strategizing the information gained and utilizing it to create better investment opportunities for our clients”.

Quant World Canada 2017 will be held on November 9, at Omni King Edward Hotel, Toronto, ON
The event will focus on exploring new trends in quantitative strategy, asset allocation, portfolio construction and risk management with interactive discussions and roundtables designed to tackle the most important trading challenges.
Elite Capital are expecting the two sessions listed below to be of particular interest:
How can funds leverage non-traditional data sources to drive investment returns?
• Nascent data – how will data from nanosatellites, drone imagery, Internet of Things and other emerging data sources be applied to capture alpha?
• How do you go about making the decision whether to invest in “rare” data sources?
• Is the novelty of a data set the most important factor when determining its usefulness?
• What do recent innovations in computing mean for achieving an information edge in the big data ecosystem?
• Data access vs. human capital vs. compute – striking the right balance
Investing in IT – how are innovative Canadian firms using their technology dollars to drive efficiency and performance?
• How can you develop a framework for measuring ROI on tech spend, and how does human capital factor into this equation?
• Build vs. buy vs. XaaS – what are you outsourcing and what are you building in-house? What is your comfort level in outsourcing?
• How is your firm handling discretionary spending across data storage, cloud infrastructure, connectivity and other IT initiatives?
• Separating hype from hope in disruptive tech – distributed ledger, cryptocurrencies, Hadoop, Spark and data and analytics platforms, parallel computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning
• Cybersecurity and network protection – how much can you solve with a purchase order?

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