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A Unique Approach That Helps Professors Become Better Teachers

Just in time for the spring semester, a new book shows professors how to think like advertisers and K-12 school teachers if they want to reach college students more effectively.


Education scholar Dr. Norman Eng shares his best strategies and approaches to teaching college students in his new book, aptly named “Teaching College: The Ultimate Guide to Lecturing, Presenting, and Engaging Students.” The book officially launches on January 22, 2017 and is available through

“Teaching College” aims to have college instructors and professors, especially those who are new, think like more like advertisers. Their ability to pinpoint consumers’ needs and frustrations is critical to developing relationships that lead to sales. Unfortunately, most professors never think this way. Busy students, therefore, lose interest quickly. They don’t “buy in,” and they never gain new knowledge and skills. No wonder employers find graduates unprepared for the workplace. Professors must start thinking of teaching as communicating and connecting, two areas advertisers excel at. “Teaching College” shares marketing secrets like creating a “unique selling proposition” that convert students into engaged learners.

Another unique perspective this book takes is from the K–12 education industry. The best schoolteachers know techniques like “think-pair-share,” exit ticket assessments, and “cold-calling” are great ways to raise students’ level of learning. Dr. Eng applies these K–12 techniques to the higher education classroom in ways professors will find useful.

When talking about why he believes this book is unique, Norman says, “There are countless books out there sharing ways to improve college teaching, but the professors I talked to and researched about want practical information—outlines, templates, and tips they can use today. My book helps them write a syllabus that students actually read, get students to participate in class more, design activities that engage deeper learning, and much more.”

The book “Teaching College: The Ultimate Guide to Lecturing, Presenting, and Engaging Students” is now available through in kindle format. It will also be released in print and audiobook format March 2017. During the official launch period starting January 22, the book will be available free Jan. 22–23 and Jan. 29–31 digitally. Copies are available at:

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