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Sairee Chahal Talks On The Panel Of NDTV India's Youth For Change Conclave

Sairee Chahal, CEO and Co-Founder of Sheroes, a community for women, was part of a panel at NDTV India's Youth For Change Conclave talking about how society's mindset towards women must change.


Sairee Chahal, CEO,, was recently featured on the panel of NDTV India’s Youth for change conclave along with Bollywood actor Sonam Kapoor, the first female amputee to climb Mount Everest, Arunima Sinha and lyricist Prasoon Joshi. The objective of the panel was to talk about women achievers and how important it is to change the society’s mindset towards women.

Sairee talked about the times when we used to talk to women only about household, cooking, parenting and other topics that were historically thought to be related to the role of women in the society. No one wanted to talk to them about their career or what they wanted to achieve in their lives.

In today’s world this needs to change. Women now contribute equally to the finances while men are equally responsible for the household duties. Women are now an important part of the workforce and Sheroes is helping them, using technology to reach them across India.

“More women are reaching us through Mobile Phones, talking about their problems and aspirations like starting their own business. So all these opportunities and the ecosystem we are able to build is all due to the technology, acting as a support system” said Sairee when asked about how she was able to achieve all this.

She talked about how is an online women’s community which is enabling women all over India to talk about their careers, get councelling from mentors, and realise their dreams. Sheroes has also emerged as a platform to inspire women, guiding and helping them in all walks of life, leading them towards all around growth and development.

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