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“No Safe Place for Women” Book Aims to Stop Violence and Human Trafficking

Stop Violence Against Women- Challenge 2017 creates art to bring awareness to victims of murder and human trafficking


Newport Beach, California, February 18, 2017 , GRACE DIVINE author, has released a new book to raise awareness to the increasing level of violence against women. The title of the book is: “No Safe Place fo Women.” It is aimed at raising awareness to a huge and pervasive problem of violence against women, murder and human trafficking that still remains unsolved, and for which no solution has been found thus far. Affecting millions, this problem touches each and every one of us when we are confronted with the truth about violence and how many become victims are a result of it.

The book along with the accompanying art series takes a new look at art as a means to communicate important social issues to the public. These are issues that are in desperate need of attention. In addition, this book and art series are part of what the artist author, GRACE DIVINE calls, CHALLENGE 2017. Challenge 2017 is a challenge that she has undertaken for herself for the year 2017 in order to disseminate important HUMANITARIAN CAUSES. For this purpose, she is planning to paint 1000 paintings and writing 100 books in the year 2017 which she is dedicating to raise awareness to HUMANITARIAN CAUSES.

Finally, GRACE DIVINE has invited the public to join her in Challenge 2017 and to challenge themselves, this year, to do something positive every day, no matter how small. This, in order to foment social change in a positive direction. Moreover, she has come up with an idea whereby, if a person wants to get involved with her challenge directly, they can do so. She has created the concept of the “Divine Art Party” specifically for the purpose of bringing awareness to HUMANITARIAN CAUSES. In a nutshell, the person can host a party live or Online for a specific humanitarian cause of their liking. To find out more, please go to and link to CHALLENGE 2017.

To find out more, please call 949-836-6540, or visit her web site

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