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Oryx Adventures Launches Thrilling Motorcycle Tours in Oman

Stunning Arabian mountains-and-desert off-road experience offered to enthusiasts and daring tourists


An unforgettable off-road motorcycling experience across breath-taking desert and striking mountain terrain is on offer for the first time in Oman on the ancient Arabian peninsula.

Oryx Adventures, a specialist enduro bike tour company based in the Omani capital, Muscat, gives riders a unique selection of competitively-priced trips that each capture the exhilaration of Oman’s rugged natural beauty.

From entry level introductions on flat gravel, desert scrubland and dry wadi beds to more demanding tours traversing challenging scree, shale and steep, rock-strewn cliffs to 7,000 ft pinnacles, the half, full and two-day tours are designed to give motorcycle enthusiasts and tourists with motorcycling experience the journey of a lifetime.

For adventurers with enough stamina, tours from five to 10 days are also offered. All riders require a full, current motorcycle licence from their country of origin to take part.

Awe-inspiring Hajar mountains scenery, remarkable regional wildlife - including magisterial sea eagles, curious shaggy-haired mountain goats and fleeting houbara bustards - plus adrenaline-fuelled excitement are guaranteed.

Boasting eight hardy, British-built CCM 450 adventure bikes with handy push-button ignition delivering a powerful 52bhp, Oryx Adventures kits out all riders with terrain and climate-specific clothing: comfortable, light-weight and breathable Alpinestars protective suits; professional off-road Bell visored crash helmets; sturdy Gaerne off-road boots; and effective leather gloves for real throttle, brake and clutch ‘feel’.

Given the isolated nature of the tours, the motorcycles are each GPS tagged, while bike-mike radio contact is maintained between all riders and the tour guide. And with the characteristic balmy, bright and dry weather conditions prevailing in Oman, cool water back packs are issued as standard. Rare rain falls and flash floods in the country don’t stop play – the routes simply change to avoid dangerously deep wadis and sandy quagmires.

For all overnight tours, a dedicated support truck is on hand at all times for riders, while their non-riding families can also enjoy the dramatic landscape in a fleet of 4x4 follow-up vehicles. Bespoke shelter from leading camping equipment firms Vango and Eezi-Awn is available for memorable overnight desert pitches, and partnerships have been struck with decent hotels en route.
Run by English bike enthusiast and former oil industry mechanic and executive Peter Middleton and his Omani wife Haima al Khusaibi, Oryx Adventures has ambitious plans for expansion throughout the region and into Iran and Southern Africa.

Note to Editors:
Oryx Adventures is an exciting new enduro motorcycle tour company based in Muscat, Oman. It offers riders from around the world thrilling journeys through captivating, unspoilt desert and mountain scenery at a competitive price.

*For more information contact the Oryx Adventures team at: or call +968 9209 7389

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Oryx Adventures
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