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ClearView Transportation Management Software Announces Growth in the Freight Audit Business Sector

ClearView TMS is showing year to date increase of 2000% in the freight audit sector of their robust transportation software offering.


MADISON, WISCONSIN, March 14, 2017 - ClearView TMS is showing year to date increase of 2000% in the freight audit sector of their robust transportation software offering. The suite also offers a tier 1 transportation management system coupled with its freight audit and pay system to create the first transportation supply chain contained on one singular cloud platform. The transportation system consists of an advanced system architecture and deep feature set as not previously seen in the transportation management software market in the last few years.

ClearView is comprised of logistics professionals from both the transportation management software (TMS) industry and the freight/parcel audit and pay industry. This combined skill set attains a unique and powerful value, which can achieve transportation cost savings not available from other systems in the market.

The freight audit and pay product addresses all modes of transportation functioning as a true audit managed services with the highest demand modes being LTL, TL and parcel. Current customers claim the most beneficial attributes to be the user portal giving on-demand visibility of the entire audit process enhanced by extraordinary analytics functionality.

The TMS is capable of planning, executing, and tracking all modes: parcel, LTL, TL, ocean, and air. Supported by an advanced cloud system architecture, the TMS software can spawn thousands of individual threads per second, allowing hundreds of real time rating requests to be achieved in a sub-second timeframes.

“We have developed our transportation system architecture, so it supports the entire transportation life cycle from planning to payment,” stated Brad Hollister, Executive Vice President and founder of ClearView. He also commented, “The increased visibility and the unique synergy that is achieved by having both execution and audit analytics together gives shippers a compelling reason to replace legacy systems that have been implemented from dissimilar suppliers.”

ClearView’s freight/parcel audit and pay module will exceed benefits of most legacy competitors today because of this integration with the execution portion of the transportation process. With this key integration, optimization of processes discovered in the audit analytics is used immediately to optimize the execution of shipments in real time.

The platform has been delivered over the last several years and now has many customers in production, with one global customer exceeding $3 billion in annual revenue. ClearView is experiencing double-digit growth with new customers that are very satisfied with the shortened implementation timelines and unprecedented system flexibility that meet complex customer supply chain objectives.

About ClearView: Located in Madison, Wisconsin, ClearView designs, builds, and implements the most advanced and contemporary transportation management and freight audit and pay software systems for parcel and freight shippers. The key shipper attributes best suited for ClearView’s transportation supply chain are shippers with multiple modes and multiple locations. The system addresses the complete shipping workflow from complex planning to post-ship audit and analytics for both outbound and inbound shipments. More information can be found at

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