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Hollywood production company Punch TV Studios has established partnerships with non-profit organizations and advocacy groups nationwide.


Hollywood production company Punch TV Studios has established partnerships with non-profit organizations and advocacy groups nationwide– in order to breathe life into the important messages these groups provide on a daily basis.

Punch TV Studios CEO Mr. Joseph Collins has made it his life’s mission to offer a platform that promotes “the unfiltered voice of the people,” a vision that has transformed the media company into a mecca of endless entertainment possibility, making this production endeavour appealing to advocacy groups.

"Organizations and non-profits are the backbone of progress and representation for disenfranchised communities in our country," says Joseph Collins, CEO of Punch TV Studios. "Our vision is to tell the stories that aren’t ordinarily told. It is imperative that we partner with these special advocacy groups to amplify their messages through our programming and content.”

All advocacy groups and organizations who believe they offer a story that deserves recognition are encouraged to become a part of the independent entertainment revolution. The company single-handily created its own social media platform, Nabukie - and urges members of the community to make an account and become involved.

Punch TV Studios is setting a new standard for independent entertainment, and is set to produce over 300 new movies, feature films and television shows over the next 4 years, that will showcase the diverse and crucial stories of these organizations.

Qualifying with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) through Reg. A of the JOBS Act signed by President Obama and in June of 2016, Punch TV Studios launched its Initial Public Offering (IPO). The flourishing company is the first and only African-American lead company in America currently in the process of an IPO targeted directly towards the urban market and the only company focused on generating thousands of new jobs within the next few years.

Punch TV Studios is closing its IPO at the end of this month through the stock offering of $1.00 per share, making it a more than opportune time for investors to capitalize.

To find out more information or to become a stockholder with Punch TV Studios visit their website at Follow us on Nabukie and Twitter #PUNCHTVSTUDIOS #ENTERTAINMENT #2017IPO

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