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2017-03-16 Print Solves Credit Problems For Small Businesses

New website launches to connect small businesses and startups to the best business loans and funding sources.


(Atlanta, GA) Getting business credit is about to get much easier faster. Business credit also defined as commercial credit is used to gain access to money for business needs. announced today the launch of their new website portal to link all small businesses and startups to business loans and funding sources without paying upfront fees to get started. The company also offers a free business credit consult.

Often small business owners and startups use their personal credit to fund their businesses. Many business owners may not even be aware that their business credit score is available to the general public for review. Not having business credit is deemed just as bad as not having personal credit. A business credit score ranges from 0 to 100 with the highest number being superior. is owned and operated by Ultisky Real Estate Holdings, LLC. President and founder Kyle Ransom stresses that they are able to provide more in-depth business credit funding options. Offering experienced business credit agents who understand how-to structure financing needs for all small businesses and startups.

The website even offers a specialty business credit option for real estate investors. Where typically traditional lenders don't extend business credit to real estate investors. This alternative solution presents a robust advantage for real estate investors to access capital to close on more deals.

Additionally, the best part is that there are no upfront fees to obtain business credit using the website. Where many small business owners have often paid for similar services upfront and still don't obtain the funding needed. Where the website also seeks to make it much easier for small businesses and startup operations to access financing resources. It doesn't matter if the company is seeking to borrow $10,000 or as much as $250,000 or more. The purpose of the site is to connect specifically small to mid sized businesses to the best lenders and investors meeting their immediate financing needs faster.

For more information please visit or for a free business credit consult call (470) 362-7887 today.

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