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New Book "Dam That Habit" identifies urge to Smoke a Cigarette

How to mentally reverse the habit of smoking cigarettes permanently


Rudwaan born Rodney Piggott, author of the new release how to book Dam That Habit identifies the real habit of smoking cigarettes as the urge to smoke the cigarette. He promotes three mental dams that directly targets the urge to smoke the cigarette. In shifting the target to the real habit the mind becomes an unwitting ally instead of an unwilling enemy as the illusion it has built around the urge is slowly but effectively reversed permanently. As a result, the act of smoking, which is subordinate to the urge is permanently eliminated.

DAM THAT HABIT shares information that empowers the reader. The techniques are non-invasive, produce zero side effects and is permanent because it is the mind that actually ‘makes up its mind’ to reverse the urge to smoke cigarettes. When the person targets the act of smoking by cold-turkey and other such means, the mind places the urge to smoke on a high shelf.

Rudwaan, the author of DAM THAT HABIT, was also a habitual smoker who, like most, made several unsuccessful attempts at quitting the act of smoking cigarettes. Like most he too once detested the smell of cigarette smoke. It is this memory of how he truly felt about cigarette smoke that sparked the sequence of steps he took to successfully reverse the urge to smoke cigarettes over 34 years ago with zero side effects, and absolutely no visits from the urge to smoke ever.

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